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Enchantments Ski Traverse + Little Annapurna (8440'), w/ Erik

Backcountry Ski
  • 19.4mi
  • 8,124ft
  • 7:34:08
    Moving Time


  1. Will Thomas


  2. Todd B.

    Whoa, this is awesome.

  3. Ryan Smolinsky

    I found your guys trip searching on Strava. Me and a few buddies are planning something similar in about a month. How difficult was it to follow the trail up from the Snow Lake TH? Also, when you finished at Colchuck/Stuart Lake TR, was the road open? Great looking trip and looks like you guys made excellent time!

  4. Ethan Linck

    Hey Ryan -- following the trail up Snow Lake was generally fine at first, but further up the basin we gave up and just navigated by sight / map. The road at Colchuck / SL TR was closed, but we were able to ski it down to Icicle Creek, and then I stashed my skis and ran back to the car (watch died, so this part of the trip isn't documented.) A bit more info here: https://beyondtheranges.wordpress.com/2016/03/08/skiing-across-the-enchantments/