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Way Too Cool 50k!

  • 30.0mi
  • 4,277ft
  • 5:44:10
    Moving Time
  • 11:40/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,516


  1. Linh N.

    Way Cool! Congrats - you are ultra strong only 1 week after Napa.

  2. Kathy Davies

    Your back to back runs are getting ridiculous!! :-) Great job at Way too cool!

  3. Michael Beckwith

    Just stumbled across this, looking for the WTC elev profile. :) Great job!

  4. Jojo Reuland

    Thanks Michael! If you're running, good luck! It's pretty mild on elevation.

  5. Michael Beckwith

    Thank you Jojo. I appreciate the reply. Yes, I am running it, and it looks pretty mild. I just did a 50k two weeks ago with almost the same elevation gain total. My time was 6:16. I would love a sub 6 at WTC! :) WTC looks super fun, that's for sure!!