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Climbing. For the love...?

  • 140.2km
  • 2,669m
  • 4:58:03
    Moving Time


  1. Jim Halpin - Mariner Cycling

    100ft of climbing per mile. Nice!

  2. Michael Harcourt (Wheelbase Cycles)

    What gear ratios do you use for a ride like that?

  3. Andrew Greene

    If I was a gambler, I'd say he's riding a standard crank and 11-28 cassette... Taylor?

  4. Tomas H.

    You need to come over Navacerrada 4 ur prep... High Climbs & warm weather... You're welcome!!

  5. Taylor Phinney

    Andrew is correct! I heart my 28

  6. Andrew Greene

    It's a great set-up... I ride the same configuration... Great spring campaign, by the way! Any chance we could see a race file on here?

  7. Ken Hicks

    I ride an 11-28. Oh, wait, I'm 52 and weigh a tenth of a ton so I had to throw a compact into the mix.

  8. Antonio S.


  9. Tommy O

    Sei Grande Taylor!

  10. Erik T.

    train your weaknesses

  11. Antonio S.

    soo soo

  12. Joshua Cole

    56mph on the descent... That's really fast. 11-28's are truly a godsend.

  13. Oliver Petersen

    That's pretty fast 90 kph, WOW :o

  14. Roberto Bandini

    Bel giro! A Sammommè ho una casa! Mitico Abetone! L'Appennino pistoiese è troppo bello!

  15. Ali M.

    ...Of a Princess

  16. Richard S.

    Climbing is fun!

  17. David H.

    Taylor great ride :-) looking forward to seeing you race

  18. John P.

    NIce DaY!!!

  19. Paul H.

    Speedy ...

  20. fabio bracali

    bravo Taylor, ti aspettiamo sabato e domenica!!

  21. Eytan Grinnell

    1000 ft every ten miles is a lota lovin'.

  22. Michael E.

    Hi Mr Phinney I've got a big race on next weekend can I borrow a lung and can you ask Cadel what is the hire on his climbing legs?

  23. Tom Forstreuter


  24. Luis Ramos Zayas

    That's a climb workout.

  25. Paolo Pappalardo

    Complimenti per il terzo posto al giro della toscana.

  26. Daniel Tomei

    I like that.

  27. Andrea C.

    Why you don't post Giro D'Italia Rides???

  28. Gianluca G.

    Seriously Taylor, maybe without heart rate or sensible data. But it would be nice to look at race data!