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Cowtown Ultra: 3rd female and CR broken

  • 31.4mi
  • 3:53:11
    Moving Time
  • 7:26/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,602


  1. Adam J.
    Adam Janisse

    You are a bad ass runner!!!! Well done

  2. Esther W.
    Esther W.


  3. Kyle T.
    Kyle Thompson

    Awesome, congrats!

  4. Amy R.
    Amy R.

    good gawd you are fast. congrats!

  5. Gretchen L.
    Gretchen L.


  6. Justin C.
  7. Ginger L.
    Ginger Liechty-Kelly

    Too good!!!

  8. Dan F.
    Dan F.


  9. Elton M.
    Elton M.

    Impressive pace! Congrats!

  10. Rich M.
    Rich Mendelowitz

    Just phenomenal! Congrats

  11. Paul K.
    Paul Karlsen

    That is a seriously good time.

  12. Livia M.
    Livia M.

    Wow! Very inspiring! Congrats!

  13. Taylor M.
    Taylor Maltz

    This is amazing. You're so fast!

  14. Michael R.
    Michael Rohlf


  15. Jon D.
    Jon D


  16. Jenelle P.
    Jenelle Potvin

    Wow, awesome!!! Congrats!

  17. Katherine L.
    Katherine L

    Amazing performance! Congrats!!

  18. Sujan S.
    Sujan S.

    Absolutely amazingly brilliant !!

  19. Katie T.
  20. Ariel L.
    Ariel L.

    Way to get it!

  21. Stacie R.
    Stacie R.

    Hell yeah!!

  22. Chinyere O.
    Chinyere Obasi

    Congratulations!! Definitely on track for WS 2017!!

  23. Amanda H.
    Amanda H.

    Haha! I'm not really a trail runner. Prefer to stick to road racing and I do more fun runs on the trails.

  24. Habib Adam R.
    Habib Adam Rahman

    Amanda, do you train amateurs? I ran Cowtown half marathon, and I finished in 1 hour 48 minutes. I think I can do better.

  25. Amanda H.
    Amanda H.

    Habib, I don't train anyone but myself, and I get help with that! But I'm flattered that you think I could help. Strategically working in a few harder efforts has helped me build speed in the last few years, as well as taking my easy runs easier than I have in the past. I've been training with a heart rate monitor to keep my easy days at a pretty low HR. Today was about sticking to a pace and then battling the wind to gut it out for the finish and about being smart with fueling. Here's an article about speed work I found last week that seems pretty useful: http://spr.ly/6017BjI1v Nothing super specific in there, but it talks about how you can see big gains from not overdoing the fast running. Different training plans work for different people, though, and this kind of method is just what seems to work for me. It's taken lots of trial and error to find a plan that works.

  26. Habib Adam R.
    Habib Adam Rahman

    Thanks. You are my role model. :)

  27. Adam S.
    Adam S.

    Awesome job out there! Congrats!

  28. Kiran G.
    Kiran G.

    Congrats Amanda, you rocked out there!

  29. Katy H.
    Katy Haynes

    Awesome job!!

  30. Stephen E.
    Stephen Easley