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fast, high heart rate 25 mile ride 04/24/2013 San Tan Valley, AZ

  • 25.0mi
  • 215ft
  • 1:16:25
    Moving Time
  • 918
  • 51
    Suffer Score


  1. Seth Leigh

    I have to drive up to Utah for my grandma's funeral. I didn't get up early enough for a long ride, so instead I pushed it and maintained what for me is a high heart rate (145bpm avg), and a good healthy avg speed. I stopped for 20 seconds to fix my shorts once, but caught both traffic lights green, so this was pretty much a reflection of what i actually did.

  2. travis clater_TroupeRacingCo

    hey, i am totally struggling to keep up with this year, are you still thinking about coming out to whiskey?

  3. Seth Leigh

    As it turns out, my grandma died and i have to drive up for the funeral this afternoon (in Utah, i'm gonna be wicked late tonight arriving at my folks' home). I'm not coming back till Sunday.

    As it is, I was wanting to do it, and planning on it, but hadn't registered for it yet, and was short enough on cash that I kept putting it off. I took on the Spring Classics Challenge sort of in lieu of the Whiskey, but was still thinking of driving up to Prescott to see you.

    When are you planning on leaving Prescott to return home? If you're still there on Sunday I can arrange to swing by on my way down and at least meet you.

  4. Mark P.
    Mark P.

    Good training excerises, keep it up, sorry to hear about your family member... Be cool and have a safe trip.

  5. Seth Leigh

    Thanks Mark!

  6. travis clater_TroupeRacingCo

    Sucks, sorry to hear that . I am racing saturday and plan on staying around for the pro races on sunday and may even stay the night until monday depending on my ride situation (i am riding with team members since my license is in limbo). Feel free to call or txt or call if you are able to make it - 9497012903.