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Jamie Junker

Banff, Alberta, Canada
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Mount Baldy - trying to find that final gear...you win this ascent round Travis ;)

Run March 2, 2016
  • 4.5km
  • 794m
  • 1:01:53
    Moving Time
  • 13:28/km
    Avg Pace
  • 909
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  1. Josh Taylor
    Josh Taylor

    Is the trail still pretty clear? I'm going in the next couple days and wondering if spikes are needed. Great run by the way, you were moving!

  2. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    Overall its in really good shape. Took it easy on the way down, it's still got some slick sections. Wore the Icebugs, you'll probably want some kind of spikes. Thanks man! Always room for improvement tho, didnt feel like i left it all out there. Next time!

  3. Josh Taylor
    Josh Taylor

    The trails have been super slick. Its shaping up to be a phenomenal spring/summer tho. Save the CR's for dry conditions and make it out injury free. One of these days I'm sure we'll cross paths on one of these mountains. Until then keep raising the bar!

  4. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    For sure man. Need to smarten up! Summer trails are right around the corner here you're absolutely right. Hope so man! Hit me up on Facebook if you ever want to plan a trip!!

  5. Ciaran Murphy
    Ciaran Murphy

    Only a minute off there Jamie! You're gonna get it!

  6. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    Thanks brother! Will try again!!

  7. Yoga B.
    Yoga B.

    Whoa!!!!! Jamie sooo close

  8. Yoga B.
    Yoga B.

    I cannot even imagine this 1:20 car to car !!!

  9. Jamie Junker
    Jamie Junker

    I know hey!? Darn skimo kids ;) ;) Travis was taking pics on his run I betcha we'll see a car to car time around 1:10 soon. Could be done in an hour flat in summer. Not me tho! Gotta slow down and start really racking up the elevation :)

  10. Annkjell N.
    Annkjell N.

    med nesten 30000m i Γ₯r . ikke til Γ₯ tro


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