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Joe Skipper

Cringleford, England, United Kingdom
  • 213
    Activities in 2018
  • 2,062.5
    kilometers Run in 2018
  • 4359

Ironman New Zealand run

Run March 5, 2016
  • 41.6km
  • 2:45:29
    Moving Time
  • 3:59/km
    Avg Pace
  • 3,860
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  1. Matt H.
    Matt H.

    Great result Joe!!

  2. Joe Spraggins
    Joe Spraggins

    Top class Joe

  3. Apl 1.
    Apl 1.

    Legend. Smashed it!

  4. Iván Tejero Vázquez (InfinityEndurance)
  5. Rob Griffith
    Rob Griffith


  6. Wesley Littleton
    Wesley Littleton

    Congrats on a great result

  7. Anthony S.
    Anthony S.


  8. Jp H.
    Jp H.


  9. James H.
    James H.

    Wow awesome

  10. Dave A.
    Dave A.

    Superb. Well done

  11. Steve Skelhon (Sawtry Flyers)
  12. Neil Peck
    Neil Peck

    Well done joe

  13. Josh Holman
    Josh Holman

    Great result Joe!

  14. James C.
    James C.


  15. Dan H.
    Dan H.


  16. Lee "Slippers" S.
    Lee "Slippers" S.

    Great result,Well done joe!!!

  17. Paul H.
    Paul H.

    Amazing run! Great result, congrats!!

  18. Andy M.
    Andy M.


  19. Colin W.
    Colin W.

    Top Run

  20. Marvin M.
    Marvin M.

  21. Marcus N.
    Marcus N.

    Cracking way to finish!

  22. Dean E.
    Dean E.


  23. James D.
    James D.

    Cracking result mate... Looking forward to the next one

  24. Asier L.
    Asier L.


  25. Stephen P.
    Stephen P.


  26. Pat Oche
    Pat Oche

    Congrats, it was close !

  27. Matt H.
    Matt H.

    Quality Joe. Must be made up mate hard work pays off.

  28. James Whitham
    James Whitham

    Brilliant Joe - smashed it!

  29. Marc A.
    Marc A.

    Brilliant race Joe huge congrats !

  30. Carl A.
    Carl A.

    Well done mate.

  31. Simon S.
    Simon S.

    Brilliant Joe well done

  32. Maurice I.
    Maurice I.

    Fantastic! Well done

  33. Carly N.
    Carly N.

    Awesome result!

  34. Ste Jay W.
    Ste Jay W.


  35. Mathew W.
    Mathew W.

    Great job Joe. Norfolk is so proud to have you

  36. Emma F.
    Emma F.

    Well done!!!

  37. Chris C.
    Chris C.

    Superb, congrats!

  38. Gary Martin
    Gary Martin

    Sterling effort Joe!

  39. Dave H.
    Dave H.

    Brilliant Joe, well done mate!

  40. Brett N.
    Brett N.

    Great race Joe well done

  41. Steve Way
    Steve Way

    Awesome pacing mate, impressive stuff after that little warm up ;-)


    I like it mate!!!

  43. Andrew L.
    Andrew L.

    Great result well done! Even after your 'off' with Mike a few weeks ago!

  44. John Smith
    John Smith

    Well done man! Lightening

  45. Matt Dyke (NR's)
    Matt Dyke (NR's)

    Big time! respect

  46. Neal B.
    Neal B.

    What a run. What a result. What a race.

  47. Clive K.
    Clive K.

    Excellent result Joe. Awesome

  48. Mark J.
    Mark J.

    Well done Joe

  49. Lee McCafferty
    Lee McCafferty

    Great podium, well done Joe

  50. Chris G.
    Chris G.

    Incredible . Well done


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