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Louisiana Sufferfest: Rouge Roubaix

  • 105.5mi
  • 3,631ft
  • 5:51:39
    Moving Time
  • 3,389


  1. Brad Sheehan

    Zoe wishes she could have been there with you.

  2. Nicole Marcoe

    Would've loved her company! Spent at least 20+ miles solo, trying to catch back on after all kinds of hiccups..a near dog attack, one flat, one dropped chain and one speared stick lodging itself into my shin. In any case, the Rouge Roubaix definitely lived up to it's reputation! And of course, it was a blast..now that's it's over!

  3. Brian Hill

    Nice meeting you at the race. You kicked butt!

  4. Kevin Drake

    NOW that is a Roubaix! The one out here is nothing close to an actual roubaix! Great work!!!

  5. samantha stein

    I must also say thanks to YOU for keeping me going! You really got me to push myself to hang on for the Woodville loop. What a race! I hope you were able to get some rest today! Hope you come down again!

  6. Christine B.

    OUCH! Did you stay on the bike for that ridiculously steep pitch?

  7. Supa Chairez

    Looks like you kicked the tires and lit the fires Nicole!! This race sounds naughty!! Nice job:)!