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Way Too Cool 50k champ! So much love for the muddy trail community! Best part = finish line kiss with women's winner :)

Run March 5, 2016
  • 29.4mi
  • 3,939ft
  • 3:19:47
    Moving Time
  • 6:48/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,065
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  1. Bernie R.

    Great race man! Congrats to you and your wife.

  2. Josh Fields


  3. Kaci L.

    Congratulations and such an impressive way to prove that training the right way ALWAYS wins!!!

  4. Trevor Taylor

    Word! Or lack of

  5. Andrew McDowall

    Incredible performance from both of you congrats. A 3:15 first k? Ridiculous.

  6. Brian Hammond

    Any video of this? I would love to see someone so fast on trails!

  7. Jay Murphy


  8. Saurabh Bhasin

    yeah! love it!

  9. Jeff Clowers

    Better always race with the wife! :)

  10. Michelle M.


  11. Matthew H.

    Great running. Smart training too.

  12. David Bolaños


  13. Amy Leedham

    Awesome running David! Thanks for being such an inspiring coach!

  14. Rachel W.

    You are both awesome!

  15. Walter P.

    Sick pace!!

  16. Frenchy ..

    No puppy pix? Such a letdown :). Congrats David... and even more impressive considering the strong field including Varner, D.Bo, Jorge and Mocko

  17. David Roche

    Frenchy, I added a puppy photo :)

  18. Steve Roach

    Fantastic like always. What happened in mile 18,19 and 26? Haha. Just kidding. Beyond my comprehension

  19. Greg J.

    The women's winner looks dog gone good.

  20. Jamey G.

    Awesome race!

  21. Slo Mo S.

    So inspired by you both! Great to meet you guys and Addy today at the start! Congratulations!

  22. Kenneth F.

    David I've been following you on Strave for a while now and have always been super impressed by your ability. Just want to say CONGRATULATIONS on this win!!! You are an inspiration

  23. David Roche

    So amazing of you to say Kenneth! Thank you!!

  24. Mirek P.

    Perfect David! Great job! :-)

  25. Emily Kraus

    Yeah, David!!! No wilted veggies at this race (but perhaps heavily washed).

  26. Scott Dunlap


  27. Matt Brady

    Congratulations, David. Your running (and Megan's too) is so impressive

  28. Zach Bitter

    You came scooting through Quarry! Awesome race!

  29. David Roche

    Zach, I wish I knew that was you! I would have stopped to give you a hug and mooch some of your talent like a fitness vampire.

  30. Hannah Briggs


  31. Hannah Briggs


  32. Tom Martin


  33. Lindsay Hamoudi

    So awesome. Both of you!

  34. Tobias K.

    Saw your Foto on Strava' Facebook Page - congrats :)

  35. David Roche

    Awesome of you to say Tobias!!

  36. John McAlister

    Great race. Really enjoyed your helpful article in the March issue of Trail Runner. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  37. David Roche

    Thank you so much John!

  38. Frenchy ..

    Yes to the Puppy!! Talented and cool... you are lethal my friend :)