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04/27/2013 Marshall, VA

  • 140.8km
  • 2,258m
  • 4:26:49
    Moving Time
  • 4,341
  • 114
    Relative Effort


  1. Pete B.

    Damn Joe, hell of a ride and most of it in zone 2, really impressive.

  2. Greg Gibson

    Nice chatting with you on 211 for a bit.

  3. Ryan M.

    I rode Skyline Drive last weekend to get some perspective. Holy crap. Nice ride through all that elevation dude!

  4. Joe Dombrowski

    Likewise, Greg. Hope you had a good ride!

  5. Brad Hancock

    I saw you today at the Corner Store in Sperryville. Sorry I called you by the wrong name. It was great to run across you "in the wild" so to speak. I'm pretty new to this game but I hope to do something like this ride one day, probably in 3x the time

  6. Joe Dombrowski

    Was that you this morning? I saw you guys over at the old Sperryville emporium. I rode over to Luray to watch the crit downtown.

  7. Stephen Szibler

    It was great seeing you at the cafe in Luray, Joe (I shyly stole a couple of pictures, but we didn't speak). My occasional riding buddy, Greg loved watching you accelerate up the mountain! I, on the other hand, was barely contending with the little bump on Main St! I think SkyMass might have been more fun . . .

  8. Brad Hancock

    Yes, that was me admiring your bike while you were in the store, explaining to my wife why I "need" something different than my current steed. We went back over to Luray and enjoyed watching the last two ronds of the crit as well.

  9. Michael Russo

    Thanks for coming to ToPC