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Bicycle practicing

  • 69.9mi
  • 7,402ft
  • 4:22:15
    Moving Time
  • 4,212


  1. Landry Bobo

    What brings you to Colorado, Ted? Welcome

  2. Brendan Lee

    As the weather grows nice here, the pros start flocking here as well!

  3. Steve J.

    Yay! Riding bikes in Boulder!

  4. Harvey Kramer

    wasn't it beautiful on Flagstaff today...picture perfect :-)

  5. Bill McCoy

    Practice? You'll want to talk about practice? Lets talk about the game.
    -Allen Iverson

  6. Andrew Hudon

    Dude, I saw you out there! You were heading south on McCaslin as I was going north. Your bicycle practicing was faster than mine, guess I need more practice.

  7. Isaac Sheets

    Nice to see that you're back in the best state!

  8. Piimai Kedsinee Lekdee

    I think i can't do same you