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AHVCC Wistow Loop - A Grade, 6th in the bunch kick. Pretty happy to just be there.

  • 61.8km
  • 738m
  • 1:50:23
    Moving Time
  • 1,879


  1. Damian V.

    So, results Veitchinator??????

  2. Cliff Grant

    A Grader!!! Well done.

  3. Matt Schultz

    Great day for a ride Vietchy, awesome time up Old Princess Hwy!

  4. Jimmy W.

    A grade dude! Awesome work man, big props.

  5. Simon Veitch

    Thanks all. Dave C won from Marc and Schultz. Great race. Commiserations on your mishap Vearsy.

  6. Damian V.

    Veitchy, man youre the new Pantini dude, smoking in the hills. Thank god I chose flat lands today, would have got a fair hosing from your posse. oo good massive props hanging in right to the end and I got told R.E agents were soft. Iron man 4 return of the Veitch!!!!!!

  7. Simon Veitch

    Can I be Paintini? Mostly to myself but I try to share it around.