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Wente Vineyards Road Race VICTORY! With awesome support from Jim, Peter and Eric.

  • 51.6mi
  • 3,885ft
  • 2:29:43
    Moving Time
  • 2,404


  1. Bingo ..
    Bingo ..

    Wow!!!! Look at that finish. Congrats on the W!

  2. Piers B.
    Piers B.

    Thanks Bingo. Great to connect. See you out there soon.

  3. Bingo ..
    Bingo ..

    Definitely man. Real good to meet you guys today. But WOW, I can't get over that finish!!!

  4. Piers B.
    Piers B.

    Eric launched right at that last corner of "Wente Wall" and I went a little ways later--great launching pad! Was able to coast in and celebrate with a solo finish which the most fun way to win.

  5. Danielle D.
    Danielle Duran

    En Fuego!!!

  6. J* D.
    J* Diesel*

    Killer Finish! That was impressive and deflating to watch all at once.8-)

  7. Dennis V.
    Dennis V.

    Excellent job!

  8. Eddie  S.
    Eddie S.

    Nice work Piers!!! Congrats:))

  9. Cj W.
    CJ Wolf

    you re on fire. congrats!

  10. Rob Z.
    Rob Z.

    bummed not have been there racing with you guys yesterday. great finish, dude. you put the hurt on at the end. great work.

  11. Peter K.
    Peter K.

    Great race Piers, congratulations...

  12. Adrian H.
    Adrian H.

    Nicely done Piers. Solid V.

  13. Dan D.
    Dan Duggan [Pro Eco]

    Not bad for a day "on call"

  14. Piers B.
    Piers B.

    Thanks! Got a golden 4 hours of call coverage from a friend and made good use of it. Best day of call ever....

  15. Danielle D.
    Danielle Duran

    Second OVERALL on the Wente Wall!! WOW! and a really great win!