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27/04/2013 Devil Mountain Double: 13:47 (made sub-14 hr goal)

  • 332.7km
  • 5,773m
  • 13:09:52
    Moving Time
  • 6,421


  1. Ronald Brunner

    holy cow man

  2. Carlin Eng

    very nicely done!

  3. Patrick Gordos

    Wow! What an event! Great time.

  4. Tim C.
    Tim C.

    Awesome !!!

  5. Super F.
    Super F.

    Tipping ALL the caps!

  6. Jeff Gould

    Great ride!!!!

  7. Stormy ド.
    Stormy ド.

    Great job. Now TT?

  8. Daryl S.
    Daryl S.

    I fear this ride. You are a complete stud to conquer it!

  9. Daniel Connelly

    Thanks, All! Daryl: I bonked first two times trying this (2000 (finished), and 2002 (DNF)) but key this time was power meter (setting a power limit), and steady intake of Hammer stuff. Other than Hammer stuff I had a half a "Pro Bar" and some fruit from rest stops. Unfortunately my 250 watt hard limit got me dropped from the 6 am start group on Diablo, so I did most of the ride solo, since when I caught people (either 5 am starters or 6 am'ers who'd blown from having gone out too hard) they weren't very useful. My highest power was on the last climb (Norris Canyon), I think. Weather was generally good, although in the sun it got up to 100.4F on San Antonio Valley Road, and I faded a bit there. But by Sierra Rd it was down to mid-80Fs, and I was much better.

    Super-thanks to Quack Cyclists: the support on this ride is just incredible.

  10. Strava A.
    Strava A.


  11. Chris Evans

    Hey Dan, congrats. Bummed to hear that you were solo after Diablo!!

  12. Jeff T.
    Jeff T.

    Wow! Definitely epic!

  13. Jeff T.
    Jeff T.

    It seems like you rode it the best, even at 200 miles, guys get caught up in the competition and go way too hard way too early.

  14. Franz K.
    Franz K.


  15. Alan Nevin

    well done dan

  16. Maciek Wojciechowski

    So jealous. If double marin goes well I might do that one next year. Congratulations!

  17. Franz K.
    Franz K.

    Smart to watch your power. First time I did the DMD I went too hard and cramped big time on the backside of Mt Ham and finished late. Second time I rode smart and finished well, but nothing like your great time. I wonder how you did it with such a low average power in that time. Very efficient riding.

  18. Bob C.
    Bob C.

    amazing stats, Dan! WOWWWWWW

  19. Clark Foy

    Outstanding! Devilish...

  20. Daniel Connelly

    Maciek: You, Rob, and Jason should definitely do this. Rob in particular would be all over this ride. You can definitely do this. Franz: remember you spend a lot of time descending close to 20kft and power is zero. I was targeting climbing @ 3.6 W/kg, but fell below this on gradual climbs. That's as good as I can do for this distance.

  21. Mark J.
    Mark J.

    I saw some DMD folks suffering going over Patterson pass after the Wente race. I'm thinking they didn't make it... Great job!!

  22. Kevin Metcalfe

    Cool! I love this ride. More people should do it!

  23. Jason Milliron

    very solid!

  24. Bret L.
    Bret L.

    Nice work Dan. Maybe I'll do this one some day...

  25. Bruce Matheson

    Very impressive.

  26. Jeff Gould

    The rest stop efficiency is as impressive as the riding!

  27. Jason T.
    Jason T.

    This is the very definition of impressive. Yah, I gotta do this one someday.

  28. Dick Robinson

    For some reason unknown to me you were dropped from my follow group. Wow great job on DMD and you took Bart get there! Are you doing the TT?

  29. Daniel Connelly

    Dick: Thanks! The Triple Crown Stage race is TT and Alpina 8-pass challenge. I think doubles separated by only two weeks is too much, so may just do the Alpina Challenge, which I've not done. That also provides shorter ride options for Cara.

  30. Steven Burns

    Just came across your blog - On bicycles and what else is there. Looks like you're the man to watch. I'm fairly new to the sport and still a "duffer" but always looking to improve. Hope you don't mind if I stalk your rides and blog. My avatar pretty much describes my riding style. Everyone passes me.

  31. Daniel Connelly

    Steven: thanks for the comment! But don't overestimated me...