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DMD 2013 -- Tale of Two Rides

  • 206.7mi
  • 20,020ft
  • 12:55:01
    Moving Time
  • 9,040


  1. Guy D.
    Guy D.

    Wow, that was fast! Easily under 15 hours. How can you do this so fast with so little training? Maybe because all your riding was climbing?

  2. Daniel Connelly

    Nice! From what I can tell we rode similar times. 6 am start worked well for me, except pace was higher than my self-imposed power limit on Diablo, and I ended up riding most of the day solo as a result. But the power limit worked well for me, as I was strong on all the hills except San Antonio Valley Rd, where I saw 100.4F on my Garmin, and power was maybe 15% off there. But I was very pleased with how my ride went, so thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Jeff Gould

    Dan: We did ride similar times, but you were more efficient at rest stops. I brought my own food that lasted until lunch, and I was doing great ... I found out I cannot do Hammer so I got sick after Sierra and blew some time at that rest stop and Sunol trying to get some calories back in. Overall I cannot really believe the ride since my body was threatening to rebel due to low miles and this being two weeks after Lake Sonoma at several points. Great job again! I still think you can break 13

  4. Daniel Connelly

    Wow, Jeff! Nice working through the problems! Alan Nevin also vomited, in his case @ the Pet the Goat stop, which is interesting. The Hammer stuff worked great for me, but I had to switch from Pepetuum/Sustained Energy to Heed/Hammer Gel half way for variety. Solid ride despite the difficulties! About whether I could have gone faster: of those posting on Strava, I was the fastest up Norris, so perhaps I could have done Diablo a bit faster. But I wanted to focus on finishing strongly, so am not disappointed with how I did. (Strava link).

  5. Patrick Herlihy

    Hot dogs all around!! Free replacements! It was great riding with you, especially chasing you up Sierra Rd! I can't believe how strong you were given you were so obviously suffering!