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OH. MY. GOD. 28/04/2013 Saint Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

  • 36.5mi
  • 2,076ft
  • 2:03:53
    Moving Time
  • 1,459
  • 109
    Suffer Score


  1. Shaiba W.
    Shaiba W.


  2. Shaiba W.
    Shaiba W.

    Nice one on bison, practising for the c100?

  3. Nigel M.
    Nigel M.

    I'm guessing that bike was quite 'Amazeballs'

  4. Andy W.
    Andy W.

    Had the use of a Cervelo S5 for the weekend, and it was a bit rapid - although the handling wasn't pin sharp. Should've been a big C100 prep ride, but I strained my back and went for something a bit more 'gentle'. My time up Bison was a product of the fact that the smallest gear was a 42/25.

  5. Tim M.
    Tim Martin

    ....bet that made an impact compared to the compact ;)

  6. Andy W.
    Andy W.

    Totally different ball game to riding it on a compact and steel frame. Was worried I'd run out of steam but the bike was so efficient it just kept leaping forwards.

  7. Shaiba W.
    Shaiba W.

    Ouch, but shows what you can do grinding up Bison.
    In the market for a new bike then?
    S5 looks like a lovely bike

  8. Andy W.
    Andy W.

    It does somewhat erode the 'my current bike is fine' mantra I've been fooling myself with for the last year or so. Don't think I'd want an S5 though, the front end just being a little bit vague in tight situations.

  9. Shaiba W.
    Shaiba W.

    This hobby has a habit of eating into savings - I've recently changed bikes to have Ui2 electric gears (bloody brilliant) even though today I've been reading about the new 11 speed ultegra Ui2....
    Have to be content with what I have!

  10. Mike D.
    Mike Donovan

    you should give an R3 or R5 a go , very comfy and fast

  11. Russell Y.
    Russell Young

    Just read your blog, v. Good. I want one.