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Juan Bautista de Anza Expedurance Run, solo, unsupported, the 1st ever running

  • 60.3mi
  • 9,798ft
  • 12:19:54
    Moving Time
  • 13:24/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 7,550


  1. Jeff Q.
    Jeff Quinn

    You are my HERO

  2. José C.
    José Cruz

    Now that's a wild mam

  3. José C.
    José Cruz


  4. Bri C.
    Bri Callejas

    Wow, epic

  5. Jon O.
    Jon O.

    awesome! What an adventure!

  6. Oscar M.
    Oscar M.

    That is awesome, great job Mark, I should have join you for a few miles on the wildcat area,

  7. Russell D.
    Russell Dawson

    Wow, very impressive

  8. Benjamin M.
    Benjamin Maxwell

    But can you do it without listening to the radio? Ha! Very cool run, Mark!

  9. Benjamin M.
    Benjamin Maxwell

    Beautiful photos by the way! And I love the BART ride home too. Really self-supported.

  10. Mark T.
    Mark T.

    An solo self-supported out-and-back to Richmond, Ben, is NOT on my bucket list.

  11. Russell D.
    Russell Dawson

    If you have a moment, could you post roughly how much (1) water and (2) fuel you consumed?

  12. Benjamin M.
    Benjamin Maxwell

    You are beyond a bucket list, Mark. For you it is a Dumpster list, and I would not put it past you to see an out-and-back Juan B as early as Sunday. Afterall, ol' JB didn't take BART home! Did you think of that?

  13. Victor B.
  14. Tim T.
    Tim T.

    Amazing run Mark! Nice job. Great photos too!