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Brian Zanker ☁️

Adelaide, SA, Australia
  • 114
    Activities in 2018
  • 4,073.9
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 74

Brothers Zanker

Ride March 19, 2016
  • 294.8km
  • 1,853m
  • 10:20:01
    Moving Time
  • 6,064
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  1. Michael K.
    Michael K.

    Holly crap!....... Massive.

  2. Hampton T.
    Hampton T.

    Fark! That's huge!!

  3. Darren Cripwell
    Darren Cripwell

    Big ride and smashing pace for that distance

  4. Steven Shippey
    Steven Shippey

    Big ks. Great speed. 3Peaks for you next year?

  5. Nick  L.
    Nick L.

    U weapon fark gunna have too do.a 300 now Peter Harvey u in

  6. Bradley Nicholas
    Bradley Nicholas

    That's an incredible ride.......huge kudos

  7. Brend O
    Brend O

    What the bloody fuck??

  8. Brend O
    Brend O


  9. Michael K.
    Michael K.

    Insane....... Much respect

  10. Stephen Carr
    Stephen Carr

    Massive effort boys should Be proud of yourselfs

  11. Peter H.
    Peter H.

    Fuckn hell Buzzard.......that's HUGE, but surely you could have found something for an extra 6kms. You Machine!

  12. Peter H.
    Peter H.

    And you went through my old town that I grew up in mate....Yacka!!

  13. Brian Zanker ☁️
    Brian Zanker ☁️

    Stephen Carr you are a legend. Thanks for putting the BIKE RIDERS!!! Sign on the back of your car following us all the way into town. Absolute Guardian Angel: so much respect for that. Champion.

  14. Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️
    Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️

    Stephen Carr - immortal legend. Forever greatful to you.

  15. adrian rowse
    adrian rowse

    Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Well done guys.

  16. Stephen Carr
    Stephen Carr

    You two guys r the legends not bloody me

  17. Dave Edwards
    Dave Edwards

    Huge ride! Top work to both of you gents

  18. Brian Zanker ☁️
    Brian Zanker ☁️

    Dave that was a small part of your 1100km epic. I'm still confident that your ride is: completely impossible. Love the blog btw. Always offers plenty to think about and discuss.

  19. Dave Edwards
    Dave Edwards

    Cheers Brian. Dunno how we did that ride either! Just felt like a series of 100km bunch rides... Thanks about the blog, ace that you like it

  20. Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson

    Awesome mate!! Epic ride

  21. Richard Hein
    Richard Hein

    Huge ride mate - awesome stuff!

  22. Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️
    Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️

    Here is the footage from yesterday's ride. http://youtu.be/jNUBKHUM-ck

  23. Brian Zanker ☁️
    Brian Zanker ☁️

    I'm glad you edited out the bit where I died!!

  24. Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️
    Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️

    ...and rose again from the dead!!

  25. Jamie Bartley
    Jamie Bartley

    Incredible ride huge day out!!

  26. Stephen S.
    Stephen S.

    Makes my daily commute look pretty lame!! Well done mate, huge effort (the Bulldogs bulletin brought me here! Haha)

  27. Brian Zanker ☁️
    Brian Zanker ☁️

    The mighty, mighty Bulldogs!!


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