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Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️

Adelaide, SA, Australia
  • 187
    Activities in 2018
  • 7,546.3
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 139


Ride March 19, 2016
  • 334.9km
  • 1,798m
  • 11:49:17
    Moving Time
  • 6,745
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  1. Dave Edwards
    Dave Edwards

    Ohhhh man!!! BAWSE ride! What was that for in particular bloke?

  2. Paddyrider D.
    Paddyrider D.


  3. Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️
    Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️

    'Just because' Dave. No other reason. Have no idea how you managed 1000+ km, but I'll happily take 334. Thanks for the inspiration- my brother and I chatted about your rides all day!

  4. Dave Edwards
    Dave Edwards

    The BEST reason to ride! Top work. I dunno how we did that ride either... We'll have to roll one of these days

  5. Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️
    Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️

    Yeah mate. Definitely.

  6. Michael K.
    Michael K.

    Awesome....... Amazing rid. Heaps of kudos!

  7. Michael K.
    Michael K.

    Did the Buzz talk the entire ride?

  8. Brian Zanker ☁️
    Brian Zanker ☁️

    The Muzzard pulled me the entire way and brought me back to life at Gawler. Was gone for all money. I didn't talk all the way, I was silent from Gawler to Adelaide Oval (aka Dave Edwards epic finish Shute) I was like; can't talk, riding. Then I got a flat: you 'F'ing C!!

  9. Brett Pascoe
    Brett Pascoe

    Stay away from our segments please. Well done!!!!! Should of dropped in to say hi.

  10. Matthew K.
    Matthew K.

    Nicely done Zanks, nicely done.

  11. adrian rowse
    adrian rowse

    Wowsers team Zanker.

  12. Brian Zanker ☁️
    Brian Zanker ☁️

    MZ = fricken tough

  13. Michael K.
    Michael K.

    I'm still in awe

  14. Glenn Reid
    Glenn Reid

    You are a massive unit!! Way cool!

  15. Russell Gillson
    Russell Gillson

    Nice work Zanks. That's a big day.

  16. Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️
    Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️

    For what it's worth - here is the footage from the ride. http://youtu.be/jNUBKHUM-ck

  17. Brian Zanker ☁️
    Brian Zanker ☁️

    That was awesome!! Great work with the edit and I'm wrapped I didn't look as heavy as I felt (am)!!

  18. Glenn Reid
    Glenn Reid

    Man, when you said it's been great not having any wind I cringed!!! I thought surely Zanks didn't just say that did he!

  19. Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️
    Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️

    Absolutely cursed it Glenn!

  20. Glenn Reid
    Glenn Reid

    I hope off camera Brian didn't say, "How cool is it on those roads that we haven't had any flats!" I felt for you Brian. You held it in on-air.

  21. Brian Zanker ☁️
    Brian Zanker ☁️

    Glenn, I was broken and had nothing to offer! Come to think of it, I was like that the entire day even though I was sucking Marks wheel for 80% of the ride!

  22. Sam B.
    Sam B.

    Standard day out hey! Are they still skydiving at lower light?

  23. Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️
    Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️

    Sammy! Had a busy week coming up so I decided to get all my cardio done in one day. Pretty sure they're still dropping meatbombs at LL.)

  24. Sam B.
    Sam B.

    Love your efficiency!

  25. Dave T.
    Dave T.


  26. Stephen S.
    Stephen S.

    Well done mate! Impressive stuff.

  27. Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️
  28. Stephen S.
    Stephen S.

    I watched your video today. You blokes are fkn nuts! I love it!

  29. Durianrider VEGAN POWER! เจ
    Durianrider VEGAN POWER! เจ

    Great country roads for an epic! Good work Mark!!

    I find glycogen retention is increased if you do a 200km ride at least a week out from any epic like this. It is almost like the enzymes are enhanced or something and ones endurance is increased.

    When I do my solo 24hr TT I make sure I smash down a 500g box of Sutain the day before with at least 300g of sugar added to it. Then I consume 100g of simple sugars per hour during the ride from juice, sugar, gels, dates, vegan lollies, clif bars etc and Im 100% bonk proof. Keep it under 200w and cadence over 80rpm and you can go as long as you want. My record using this method with no stims/support is 594km out and back course, solo.
    With stims it would be easy to crack 700km I reckon assuming the winds were are not to fierce as you would never have to worry about sleeping.

  30. Durianrider VEGAN POWER! เจ
    Durianrider VEGAN POWER! เจ

    Oh and drink enough water for clear urine at least every 2-3hours. Next day recovery is incredible and only neck or contact points will be aching.

  31. Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️
    Mark Zanker Ⓥ ☁️

    Yep! No arguments here Harls. Brian and I went in it mostly for the adventure and the 'underprepared' nature of the ride added to that.

    Something I will definitely think more about on my (our) next adventure!

    Cheers bud!

  32. Brian Zanker ☁️
    Brian Zanker ☁️

    Yep, exactly I thought so. You should've listened to me Marky!!


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