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Andrew McDowall

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 256
    Activities in 2018
  • 4,412.4
    kilometers Run in 2018
  • 213

2016 northburn 100 - 3rd overall - Woo-hoo!!

Run March 19, 2016
  • 164.2km
  • 9,593m
  • 25:17:56
    Moving Time
  • 9:54/km
    Avg Pace
  • 16,434
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  1. Simon A.
    Simon A.

    Holy feck. Congratulations bro. Must be a buzz to have finished that.

  2. Andrew McDowall
    Andrew McDowall

    Yeah mate - crazy stoked! Adrenaline wearing off now - time for forty winks. Hey check out the suffer score!

  3. Stuie D.
    Stuie D.

    Nice work buddy, was it fun?!

  4. Stuie D.
    Stuie D.

    PS love the suffer score, awesome!

  5. Ian Fearnside
    Ian Fearnside

    Well done , awesome just to finish but a podium place ! Enjoy the well earned rest , no doubt you'll be running up Mt Eden soon although after that it will seem a breeze

  6. Andrew McDowall
    Andrew McDowall

    Thank you Stu. Would you believe a lot of it was kiiiiinda fun! Incredible scenery, constantly changing environment (not just rocks the whole time!) insane wind (the winner was thrown over a fence!) but the whole course is totally unforgiving.

  7. Andrew McDowall
    Andrew McDowall

    Ian - Cheers mate - I'm looking forward to sitting back and watching you do all the hard work at UTA - that's a choice event.

  8. Brent Kelly
    Brent Kelly

    Damn mate that is epic. Fantastic result & congrats on smashing it out!

  9. Andrew McDowall
    Andrew McDowall

    Thanks Brent - chuck it on your bucket list eh!

  10. Geoff Higgins
    Geoff Higgins

    You didn't just survive the northburn you podiumed it. The suffer score says it all EPIC. Now about that race we organized up Mt Eden tomorrow :-))

  11. Andrew McDowall
    Andrew McDowall

    You know I could never say no to my beloved Mt Eden!

  12. Steve N.
    Steve N.

    Congratulations Andrew that is superb. Putting all that hard training in and reaping the rewards. AWESOME NESS!

  13. Andrew McDowall
    Andrew McDowall

    Thank you Steve - really appreciated.

  14. Ron K.
    Ron K.

    Outstanding Andrew. Same event, different class!!

  15. Andrew McDowall
    Andrew McDowall

    No way Ron - same objective: get to the damn finish! So cool to meet you look forward to catching up at the next stupid thing eh!

  16. Felix Geller
    Felix Geller

    Woah! Amazing. Must be fun to turn and go back out after around 100k

  17. Andrew McDowall
    Andrew McDowall

    Ha! Yes. Ummm... Fun. Totally. That was exactly the word that sprung to mind. Cheers fella! :-)


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