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Michael Owen

Pomeroy, Ohio
  • 308
    Activities in 2018
  • 2,634.7
    miles Run in 2018
  • 642

Georgia Death Race (68 miles) - 4th Place - ~13:09:44

Run March 19, 2016
  • 68.1mi
  • 15,689ft
  • 13:10:49
    Moving Time
  • 11:37/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 11,161
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  1. Michael Moulton
    Michael Moulton

    Congrats on surviving. I look forward to reading your race report. Impressive accomplishment.

  2. Ron Brooks
    Ron Brooks


  3. Mark Trewick 🌱
    Mark Trewick 🌱

    I bet that was hardcore, well done indeed !

  4. Gordon Gifford
    Gordon Gifford

    Great effort! I saw you and Brian were running together who is super tough and was waiting for you two to reel in 2nd and 3rd! Then he dropped off surprisingly.. Way to grind it out!

  5. Matt V.
    Matt V.

    Nice job, Michael!

  6. Paul Barte
    Paul Barte

    Well done, Michael!

  7. Natalee Gooden Burkard
    Natalee Gooden Burkard

    Wow! So awesome. Congrats

  8. Matt V.
    Matt V.

    Curious to know what you thought of the course this year. More climbing this year than last? My friend Franklin Baker (who was 6th this year) said the RD put in some more climbs this year.

  9. Matt Kitchen
    Matt Kitchen

    Inspiring and great race Mike!

  10. Dominick Layfield
    Dominick Layfield

    Sorry your race didn't go perfectly. I fell apart at the end and kept expecting you to come back at me.

  11. Darren Thomas
    Darren Thomas

    Way to suffer bro. Congrats on that finish!

  12. John Kilpatrick
    John Kilpatrick

    That is awesome!!!! Great job on a monster course!!!!!!

  13. Michael Owen
    Michael Owen

    Dom-as much as I hoped to see you again I never got it going long enough to catch up. Great work. Thanks Darren - hope your Achilles heals up, let me know if any of the VTUltra guys and gals want some Thunderbunny.

  14. Hugh Endsley
    Hugh Endsley

    Great job, Michael!

  15. Rob (.
    Rob (.



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