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ElliptiGO 400km DIY Audax Challenge (Video - https://youtu.be/8dX2PjKv_aA).

  • 250.2mi
  • 5,777ft
  • 22:27:09
    Moving Time
  • 5,826


  1. William G.

    Well done Amazing

  2. Lee W.

    EPIC! Even more amazing when you consider it's done on possibly the most un-aerodynamic bike available.

  3. Nilesh Yadav

    Congrats !!!

  4. Mike Lane

    It's a Treadle-Scooter folks, but Idai gets round !!

  5. Fab Stand Up B.

    Idai the GOman or ARCman, could be a new Marvel Hero, only the Cape is missing ;-)

  6. David K.


  7. Va Voom ⛈.

    Impressive stuff Idai!

  8. Glyn W.

    fantastic well done

  9. Lesley Sung

    Fantastic Idai

  10. Stuart Blofeld

    Who were you racing then? ;-)

  11. "EGO-Maniac" Idai Makaya

    Thanks for the supportive messages everyone. It was quite an epic! Here's a video link: (https://youtu.be/8dX2PjKv_aA). Please have a watch and share your feedback!

  12. Johnny Harris

    Good film footage, enjoyed following.

  13. "EGO-Maniac" Idai Makaya

    Hey Stu, I used the "racing" classification for this activity so that it shows total time elapsed, including the stops.

  14. Stuart Blofeld

    That's a good tip! I had no idea Strava did that.

  15. "EGO-Maniac" Idai Makaya

    Yup Stu - Strava default seems to be moving time. In race mode it shows total elapsed time. Try editing the settings in your last Strava session and see what it does.

  16. Johnny Harris

    Hi Idai, Ive been taking note of techniques you use from your youtube channel and wondered if you have any tips for me? As I'm doing my first BlackSheep 300km next Sat. I have been eating on the hour every hour through my previous 200km's, I've even bought pork pies for this Sat. Any tips would be gretaly appreciated?

  17. "EGO-Maniac" Idai Makaya

    Good luck Johnny! I'd say pace slowly, time limits are pretty generous. Keep an open mind, because things seldom go exactly to plan. Try to see how long you can enjoy it before it becomes just work. Look around and take in the experience.

  18. "EGO-Maniac" Idai Makaya

    Johnny, also be sure to ride your own ride, only ride with others if they happen to be pacing exactly how you are. Don't go out of your way to draft other riders for pace, it can sometimes cause more trouble than it's worth in the longer term.

  19. Johnny Harris

    "Look around and take in the experience" is some good advice, pace wise I'm gonna try and keep to 20kph average if possible. I had to do a google search on "draft" now i understand half wheeling so much better, a whole 27% easier. Peeps on other audax's have said to me I carry to much weight? Should I take no notice or only take the bare essentials?

  20. "EGO-Maniac" Idai Makaya

    Try to be efficient Johnny, no need to travel excessively loaded if possible. But no matter how heavy you load up, you probably won't weigh as much as we do on ElliptiGO bikes! In a race, or if you are unfit, some excess weight can be an issue....

  21. "EGO-Maniac" Idai Makaya

    To be honest, a 300km is not too different to a 100 miler. So you don't need too much kit on you Johnny. A jacket, a wallet - and some food and drink - are probably enough.

  22. Johnny Harris

    Thanks for your help Idai, it's given me much to think about over the coming week ^5