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Oleg ★ Descenders

San Diego, CA
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- Some Epic climbs in the Alps with Christoph

Ride May 4, 2013
  • 53.3mi
  • 8,280ft
  • 4:24:44
    Moving Time
  • 3,853
  • 288
    Relative Effort
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  1. Eric Bowen - VeloFitter at Revolution Bike Shop
    Eric Bowen - VeloFitter at Revolution Bike Shop

    Amazing ride and great photos. The scenery looks like something you see in a movie. Certainly a truly epic ride you'll never forget.

  2. Matt Babb
    Matt Babb

    Incredible Oleg! What a ride! Can't get enough pix

  3. Larry T.
    Larry T.


  4. Bernie  Bogard
    Bernie Bogard

    ride of the day obviously

  5. Jim (James)  Wingert
    Jim (James) Wingert

    hell yeah Oleg!

  6. Dave E.
    Dave E.

    I'll take Pamo any day, especially when I beat your a$$ time wise! Anyways yes a special ride in Austria. Looks you may have found Christoph on Stava. He can rip it up the hills I see. Nice full Descender kit. Be safe.

  7. Robert Verfurth
    Robert Verfurth

    Aresome adventure, enjoy the upcoming rides. Send more photos and post a few to our site.

  8. Dave S.
    Dave S.

    amazing day and lots of hardware to boot. Congrats


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