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Zwift - Everest of the New Mountain Route to the Tower it was taunting me so I had to do it! I never took a breakon the bike the entire time

Virtual Ride
  • 224.4mi
  • 30,180ft
  • 17:55:40
    Moving Time
  • 10,565
  • 426
    Suffer Score


  1. Gibba7 ".
  2. Pinny B.
    Pinny Brachfeld

    You broke Frank Garcias Record!

  3. Paul S.
    Paul Spadafore

    Amazing Everesting ride Ray, and no break!!Only fitting that you were the first on Mount Zwift. Congrats!!

  4. Andrew N.
    Andrew Nice

    Incredible effort!

  5. Jono E.
    Jono E.

    amazing and impressive as always

  6. Jim H.
    Jim Hubbard

    You are ready

  7. Kenneth A.
    Kenneth Almås

    Wow Ray!! Impressive! :) and kind of sad when I just realized how far away the Tron bike is for me, "just one everest away" ;)

  8. Andrew K.
    Andrew King CISCYCLING

    Wow! You're amazing Ray!

  9. Scottie W.

    Awesome job @Ray Brown! Great feeling to shoot for a goal and accomplish it! Congrats!

  10. Ray B.
    Ray Brown

    Thanks ScottieI am always amzed at how freaking strong you are!

  11. Kent T.
  12. Lcs  .
    Lcs .

    18hrs on the trainer...wacky!

  13. Ian K.
    Ian Kurth


  14. Jim P.
    Jim P.

    Great riding Ray and amazing bladder control. I watched part of your ride and was afraid that, knowing you, you would take the other side the next day! #thingsthatmakemewakeupearly

  15. Ray B.
    Ray Brown

    hah I had full intentions of doing that! but when you started I had just awakened.

  16. Jim P.
    Jim P.

    I knew it! I couldn't sleep and started 3 hours early.

  17. Emrys H.
    Emrys Halbertsma Ⓥ

    Epic ride Ray. Huge respect!