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alternative route killed me too...

  • 177.8km
  • 4,343m
  • 7:38:55
    Moving Time
  • 6,886


  1. Will Cycliste

    awesome ride, Luitel? smart route planning

  2. POLVERONI David

    my training camp ;-)

  3. Ron V.
    Ron V.

    wederom indrukwekkend

  4. POLVERONI David

    do you remember marmotte ? :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtQR869Kqkw

  5. ross guilfoyle

    How can anyone spend 7 hours 40 mins on a bike even I know that's over training and I'm not even at this that long

  6. Telmo D.
    Telmo D.

    cyclists are crazy

  7. Harvey Kramer

    Dude what the heck to you eat to ride those miles....you ride more than any other pro I follow by far...

  8. Tom V.
    Tom V.

    Respect !!

  9. Wim van Uden

    Laurens, thanks for uploading your activities. Really great to look at your rides throughout the year. If I may ask, what are you eating during the long rides? Only muesli bars? 'Krentenbollen'? You don't have that much space in a cycling jersey.

  10. Laurens ten Dam

    Snickers, coke and pie at a bakery or gas station!

  11. Wim van Uden

    Thanks! Nice food, I will try it!

  12. Ron V.
    Ron V.

    224w average over 7,5 hours....

  13. Johan K.
    Johan K.

    Knap werk. Ik doe het je (helaas) niet na.

  14. Harvey Kramer

    I always love Fritos, the Peanut butter cookies at hygiene store outside of Boulder, and yesterday it was a big piece of chicken, I had a huge craving and the last part of the ride was super fast I think it was the chicken

  15. Menno Helvensteijn

    Definitely the chicken.

  16. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Laurens, wat ben je toch een bikkel