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Epic KOM Northface Everesting and HRS Sim

Virtual Ride
  • 159.2mi
  • 33,704ft
  • 13:21:38
    Moving Time
  • 9,291
  • 424
    Suffer Score


  1. Kenny F.
    Kenny Fries

    Wtf ur fing crazy

  2. Ray M.
    Ray Mulveny

    Amazing job brother

  3. Ray M.
    Ray Mulveny

    I think I could finally drop you if we ride tomorrow lol

  4. Jim P.
    Jim P.

    Without a doubt, Ray! Thanks brother.

  5. Brad R.
    Brad Rauh

    Way to go!

  6. Kenny F.
    Kenny Fries

    Nice job

  7. Ray M.
    Ray Mulveny

    You should write a short story about how you handled that many hours on a trainer..What you eat..did you stop and rest...did you change cloths ect

  8. Sean F.
    Sean Frodyma

    Nice job Jim!!! Holy crap!

  9. Mara R.
    Mara R.

    Nice!!! I want that tron bike!

  10. Ian L.
    Ian L.

    One of the most insane things on a bike I have ever seen. Enjoy the Tron bike.

  11. Charles K.
    Charles Khoury

    Wow! Jim WTF you planning on doing this year? A race around the Planet. impressive my friend.

  12. Ian K.
    Ian Kurth

    Well done!

  13. Jim P.
    Jim P.

    Thanks guys! And Ian, nice riding yesterday!!! KoS?

  14. Ian L.
    Ian L.

    Not sure which ride you refer to Jim? Actually been offline with a head cold but I tried some of the new Zwift course the other day that was tough.

  15. Chad G.
    Chad Gibson

    Please tell me there is a glitch in the matrix...

  16. Jim P.
    Jim P.

    Sorry, Ian L., I was asking Ian K. He just slammed out a Knighthood at the same time I was Everesting. We crossed paths a couple times during the day. Beast!! Hope you are feeling better!

  17. Jim P.
    Jim P.

    @Chad. Yes, the matrix that is my brain.

  18. Ian L.
    Ian L.

    Gotcha ;-)

  19. Ian K.
    Ian Kurth

    Yes, KOS. Application submitted. I chose the "surprise me" route, and it kept sending me up the damn mountain while you were knocking out an Everest. Chapeau!

  20. Jim P.
    Jim P.

    And Chapeau to you, Sir.

  21. Kelly F.
    Kelly F.

    Congrats! Impressive (and insane) stuff, Jim!

  22. Mike A.
    mike amarante

    I have no words. This is insane. I can't stay on a Trainor for a 1 hour.

  23. Jim P.
    Jim P.

    Wish you could have been there, with a better gearing choice this time of course.

  24. Ray M.
    Ray Mulveny

    So fill in the old man what is a Tron bike is that what the bike looks like in the video

  25. Ray M.
    Ray Mulveny

    Question 1 what did you eat and drink and how often

  26. Ray M.
    Ray Mulveny

    Question 2 how big of a support team did you have

  27. Ray M.
    Ray Mulveny

    Did you stop and rest and if so how long and how often

  28. Ray M.
    Ray Mulveny

    This one might sound a little creepy but what kind of shorts did you wear and did you change

  29. Ray M.
    Ray Mulveny

    This might be obvious but what was the hardest point of the ride and was there a point that you thought you couldn't make it

  30. Ray M.
    Ray Mulveny

    In my final question what the hell is a Tron bike

  31. Jim P.
    Jim P.

    You will have to buy the book, Ray. Kidding. Just give me a week to assemble all of those answers.

  32. Ray M.
    Ray Mulveny

    No worries brother I'm contemplating doing up a hundred sixty mile ride this year outside of course and it's a bit of a grey area for me so thanks

  33. Jim P.
    Jim P.

    Sorry for the slow response. The Tyron bike is what you get when you finish the Everesting challenge on Zwift and then continue on to 30,000m. It took me about half a year to do it. Next, I didn't have a moment where I thought I couldn't do it. I was tired in the last two, but after 5, it all feels the same. Changed kits every 3 climbs or 2.5 hours. Ten minute breaks between climbs. Support crew wasn't needed, but I did have to call on the kids the once, other than that, I had it all right there. So much easier logistically indoors. And I ate whatever I wanted, pizza, chia packs, and fruit mostly. Can't do gels since Blue Hill. My stomach revolts. And I used Skratch and honey in the bottles. Same exact weight from beginning to end. Crazy! Outside it's all about packing whatever you think will break and a couple tube and a patch kit. Much lighter! As long as the ride have stops you are good, if not, bring cash and hit a couple stops. Too much food to carry unless you are going to use panniers. Hope that helps. When is the ride? I can always come along and block some wind.