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Wildflower Bike

  • 54.9mi
  • 4,383ft
  • 2:18:01
    Moving Time
  • 2,823


  1. David L.

    Let me be first to say congrats on the win!

  2. Graham Hood

    Is that all you got? Pfftt... sandbagger! Wait... you raced with an iphone? I guess if Lauren went into labor from the excitement and needed to get a hold of you... Congrats on the 3peat!

  3. Jonny R.

    amazing dude!

  4. Jeff Stevens


  5. Steve Chapin

    Nice, man! Congrats!!

  6. Jesse Thomas

    Thanks guys! Graham, it's a Power Tap GPS, not sure why it shows up as an iPhone, though it Lauren's state, might have been smart to ride with one, haha.

  7. chris kelly

    Sweet ride!

  8. Brian Maihack

    Such an awesome performance! Huge inspiration

  9. Fleming J.

    Thanks for pushing so hard - ditto Brian's comment - inspirational!

  10. James H.

    A year later and still inspired by this bike split!