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BCN - Sitges - l'Arboç - Sitges - BCN

  • 151.5km
  • 1,201m
  • 5:14:22
    Moving Time
  • 3,558


  1. Ben J.
    Ben Joseph

    Love your videos man! Question, what ratio did you'll use for this trip?

  2. Jasper H.
    jasper hermsen

    At that time i was running a 48/17 and the other guys similar gears

  3. Ben J.
    Ben Joseph

    Ratio of the gods! :D Thanks for the info. Cheers!

  4. Jasper H.
    jasper hermsen

    At the moment I am running 50/17 (with climbs) and sometimes 50/15 for mainly flats

  5. Ben J.
    Ben Joseph

    I haven't yet tried anything above 48 for my chain ring. Currently running a 48x17 for commutes and 48x15 for the occasional races. Have you noticed considerable change in your average speed/top speed, also I'm sure its helped you improve your power.

  6. Ben J.
    Ben Joseph

    Like I'm fairly new to the competitive side of riding, as I used to ride primarily for commuting to work and for pleasure, but after a recent 8Km race, I'm really interested in improving my game. Tips for training. I live in Dubai so It's absolutely flat, with a lot of headwinds.

  7. Jasper H.
    jasper hermsen

    I like the 50 over the 48, but maybe also because I got slightly longer cranks.

  8. Ben J.
    Ben Joseph

    What is the length of your crank?

  9. Jasper H.
    jasper hermsen

    170mm (Campagnolo Pista)

  10. Ben J.
    Ben Joseph

    Gotcha. Im on a 170mm Dura Ace. I will give the 50t chainring a shot as well.