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05/05/2013 I am tired.

  • 216.0km
  • 4,115m
  • 9:28:44
    Moving Time
  • 6,467
  • 337
    Suffer Score


  1. Michael C.
    Michael C.


    A single kudos is not enough for this ride Pablo. Impressive, mate, F'ing impressive!

    Is this the same route you have planned for us next weekend?

  2. Paul I.
    Paul Ilechko

    Very true, this is a triple-kudos ride at least

  3. Michael C.
    Michael Cruz

    You've come a long way in a very short time!

  4. Frank D.
    Frank D.

    My lord Pablo, what a ride

  5. Randy  P.
    Randy Poitras

    You should be tired! What a great ride, Pablo!

  6. Randy  P.
    Randy Poitras

    Wow!! 32 cat 4's and 4 cat 3'....something I could never do at my age. I would be comatose or worse.

  7. Mark B.
    Mark Blacknell

    Somebody's getting their climbing legs on. Nicely done.

  8. Michael C.
    Michael C.

    I see that Fidler's Elbow kept you occupied for a while :-) Was it as tough as you thought it would be?

    You will sleep well tonight mate, that's for sure!

  9. Brent D.
    Brent D.

    Pablo, you should turn pro! You have two months to get ready for the Tour de France!

  10. Brian R.
    Brian Rogers

    you sir are awesome

  11. Kelly K.
  12. Pete B.
    Pete B.

    Nice ride, sir!

  13. Frank D.
    Frank D.

    Pablo is sleeping right now and will respond to these comments when he wakes up on Wednesday

  14. Jim M.
    Jim M.


  15. Todd N.
    Todd N.

    Triple Kudo! Awesome ride, Pablo!

  16. Brett B.
    Brett Beeching

    Wow, amazing ride Pablo!

  17. Josh F.
    Josh F.

    Monster ride Pablo! Chapeau!

  18. Johnny H.
    Johnny Hazlitt


  19. Pablo A.
    Pablo A.

    Will answer all comments over here.. Like chat thingui.. http://www.podiumcafe.com/2013/5/5/4303560/i-am-tired
    But seriously I am tired.. Thanks everyone.. It was fun to push my self over the limit.. Thanks to Vasil to stay with me all the time.. Give him kudos too.. he desrves them too...(the dude started riding only last summer)

  20. David C.
    David Clapp

    Wow, that's one hell of a ride. 13, 500 feet of climbing is nuts.

  21. Pablo A.
    Pablo A.

    Thank you? Doing it again next Saturday.. Everyone is welcome..!

  22. Hec C.
    Hec Car


  23. Tom G.
    Tom Gartner

    Wow, that's insane. Super impressive, Pablo!

  24. Joe B.
    Joe Bowman

    Pablo...you're SUPPOSED to be tired after something like that.

  25. Pablo A.
    Pablo A.

    Thanks guys..! Woke up after 2 hours sleeping.. I am hungry..! LOL..

  26. Stuart C.
    Stuart Cope

    New rule: If Pablo hasn't posted his Sunday ride before I go to bed then something crazy will be there when I wake up!

  27. Bram S.
    Bram Schittecatte

    That is a beast of a ride!

  28. Murray A.
    Murray Arthur

    Anyone that can do over 4000m climbing in a day should give themselves a pat on the back. The 3 sides of Mt Ventous is a very similar amount of climbing and we all know what people that do that get called...

  29. Michael S.
    Michael Sipols

    4000m. Wow!

  30. Will C.
    Will C.

    wow, superb

  31. Pablo A.
    Pablo A.

    Thanks everyone...!

  32. Luis Fernando O.
    Luis Fernando O.

    This is amazing

  33. Julian C.
  34. Pio C.
    Pio C.

    What a distance and elevation, Pablo! I'm speechless. Chapeau bas!

  35. Julian C.
    Julian Cousins

    Just read the stats again because I thought they were imperial US. 4000m+ simply outstanding.

  36. Jens H.
    Jens Hagström

    No words.

  37. Quintin H.
    Quintin Hogg

    Awesome. One word... Chapeau

  38. Pablo A.
    Pablo A.

    Thanks everyone..! Lets go and do it again Saturday..!

  39. Matthieu M.
    Matthieu Masquelet

    Amazing Pablo, you will continue to inspire around here with such rides !

  40. Alan L.
    Alan Lucas

    Helluva ride. Nice work.

  41. Pablo A.
    Pablo A.

    Thanks Alan..! I am still tired by the way..

  42. Michael C.
    Michael C.

    Are you ready to do it all again this Saturday ?

    You are officially nuts. By the way.

  43. Pablo A.
    Pablo A.

    Ready or not here I come..!
    Have good teachers in the nut area..
    I should be fine..
    I tell you tonight after the RR..

  44. Graham H.
    Graham H.

    Just saw this scrolling through my feed - frikken awesome ride Pablo!