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Jamie Junker

Canmore, Alberta, Canada
  • 0
  • 0
    kilometers Run
  • 387

Grotto Mountain Traverse

Run March 26, 2016
  • 11.4km
  • 1,586m
  • 2:45:18
    Moving Time
  • 14:29/km
    Avg Pace
  • 2,060
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  1. Gareth Williams

    Looks amazing! Awesome work Jamie!

  2. Steve Johnston

    Is that the Carter route up?

  3. Michelle B.


  4. Jamie Junker

    Thanks Gareth!

  5. Jamie Junker

    Not sure Steve, but it was a super well defined trail, even better than the regular route - no snow or ice at all.

  6. Jamie Junker

    Thanks Michelle :)

  7. Wil Tetz

    Nice...I've wondered where that traverse route starts

  8. Jamie Junker

    Its super easy to find Wil, you'll never do it as an out and back again

  9. Ryan Tresise

    Looks like fun, wish I could of joined!

  10. Steve Johnston

    Nice! I've been thinking of doing it... Thanks Jamie!

  11. Jamie Junker

    Next time Ryan!

  12. Jamie Junker

    Go for it Steve, its pretty fun! If you want the gps I can email it to you

  13. Steve Johnston

    Thanks, if I need it, I'll message you.

  14. Jamie Junker

    Sounds good buddy! You probably won't need it for anything other than finding the trailhead at the parking lot, it's really well defined. One of our group stumbled upon the trail while taking a whiz ha ha