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Kumano Kodo - Day 1 - takijiri to kirinosato

  • 4.2km
  • 353m
  • 1:14:55
    Moving Time
  • 357


  1. Kate Maxwell

    Hey Craig! I came across your beautiful website chronicling your pilgrimage here. I actually work at Strava and it was so cool to see the way you integrated the data and used our app to help you through. I am actually heading to the Kii peninsula today to begin my own walk together with my boyfriend Bowen, and we were hoping to get some of your thoughts on routing and what you might do now knowing what you know now. We are fairly adventurous and are hoping to get off the usual common route as you did, and into the challenging, wilder parts (it should be noted that we don't speak Japanese). Either way, I'd love to connect with you if you have the time! My email is kate.max1@gmail.com.