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05/07/13 Salt Lake City, UT

  • 10.5mi
  • 578ft
  • 33:16
    Moving Time
  • 12
    Suffer Score


  1. Slyfox >>>>> F.
    Slyfox >>>>> F.

    how come you don't log all your rides on here

  2. Karen J.
    Karen J.

    how come you have such an amazing name?

  3. Slyfox >>>>> F.
    Slyfox >>>>> F.

    im just a total badass

  4. Karen J.
    Karen J.

    Obviously (in the most genuine "I want to hang out with you" tone"

  5. Slyfox >>>>> F.
    Slyfox >>>>> F.

    ask Erica, she'll tell you how bad ass I am

  6. Slyfox >>>>> F.
    Slyfox >>>>> F.

    funny thing is, I met you when you were in st George with kerkove, at the race when you guys were parked up on the hill I was hitting golf balls and my dog came over and attacked you. LOL, ask jeff how badass I am also, he knows ahahahhaa

  7. Erica T.
    Erica T.

    Slyfox-I don't post the boring rides, or I wait and post 2 weeks at a time.
    Karen-Sly is total bad ass! Seriously one of the most talented riders out there! He's just getting back in shape then he'll come out of the gates CRUSHING IT!

  8. Karen J.
    Karen J.

    Oh yes!!!!!! I remember... How could I have forgotten your bad assrery !