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  • 305.3km
  • 4,012m
  • 7:36:59
    Moving Time
  • 10,087


  1. Jed Hazen

    i love it! Strava on MSR!

  2. Jeffrey Jenkins

    One word. WOW

  3. P. Kelly

    that is EPIC!!!! wow

  4. Chris H.

    Just amazing!

  5. Tony Johnson

    Awesome to see! Pretty damn humbling in fact! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Mark Shaw


  7. Ina-Yoko Teutenberg

    lots of gelato in store today ;)!

  8. Robby 2.

    HOLY SHIET! That's PRO!

  9. Randy L.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Jay Charles

    Amazing ride! Would love to see power and HR numbers on a ride like this.

  11. Michael "Sasquatch" Foley

    no wonder Cav was dropped ... that is some serious wattage and VAM!

  12. Nathan T.

    You gotta be cooked!

  13. Sina M.

    Whooooooooooooooa - that is superhuman! Great work! And yes - that's what I call pro!

  14. H P.

    You deserve a truckload of FRITES!

  15. David G.

    no heart rate? thanks for this. unbelievable that we sportivistos can have access to info like this

  16. matt gholson

    Thank's Bro!

  17. Jason H.

    Thanks for uploading MSR onto Strava! An epic ride by you for an epic race! Keep on rocking man and one of those KOM's and PR will be a podium! Looking forward to seeing your PODIUM Strava ride!

  18. P. Kelly

    Taylor....I see you burned 10,000 calories at this race!! Was just curious...what do you eat the night before (and how much) and during the race to keep that much fuel in your body??

  19. Seth L.

    I'm pretty much unable to wrap my head around this. Totally insane.

  20. Dave Paff

    190 miles is one sitting? Eaowwww-za

  21. John O.

    Solid ride! it is great to see a full on professional's ride on Strava. Very solid ride, makes us Amature's look a little silly but anyway, great to see.

  22. Hippy H.

    These power estimates are rubbish. 2hrs over 450W, no chance.

  23. Benjamin N.

    ^ this.

  24. Erico Vinicius

    thanks for sharing!!

  25. Jacob Tubbs

    Wellllll time to sell my bike and take up a new hobby.

  26. Martin S.

    re hippy hippy

    These power estimates are rubbish. 2hrs over 450W, no chance.

    chances are these are not estimates - they should be off of a power meter. actual measured watts. here's the winners info http://www.cyclingtips.com.au/2012/03/gerros-milan-san-remo-power-analysis/

  27. Peter Mintun

    @Martin S: The link that you posted basically contradicts your own claim that these are measured watts.

    These are the Strava estimates...450 Watts for 2 hours would be absurd (in comparison, Gerrans output just over 200 Watts for the entire 7 hours). I understand that Gerrans weighs about 15 kgs less than Phinney, and the race's average pace isn't the same as the pace over 2 hours, but that doesn't account for a 250 Watt difference. These estimates are also skewed because Phinney's ride file says he climbed over 13000 feet, whereas Gerrans's states the actual elevation of the course was closer to 6900 feet.

  28. John Schwartz

    Thanks a million for posting this Taylor, what a blast!

    The Strava power estimate formula is designed for a solo rider, so it's inaccurate when riding in the peloton (or if it's windy, etc). It doesn't matter though, speed doesn't lie!

  29. keith mcburnett

    10 X Tripple Whoppers with cheese!!