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  • 49.8mi
  • 3,300ft
  • 5:57:43
    Moving Time
  • 7:15/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 6,799


  1. Justin Youngblom

    Congrats Chris!!

  2. Christine G.

    Nice work!

  3. Hal R.

    Heck yeah Denooch!

  4. Rod B.

    Whoop whoop!!

  5. Jacob (Sprinkles) Massler

    Dude!!! Killed it.

  6. Casey M.

    Congrats! I enjoyed your interview on Ultra runner podcast and your post race write up on Bandera. I look forward to reading about this victory!

  7. Caitlin R.

    Well done!

  8. Scott Dunlap

    For the WIN!!!!

  9. Camron S.


  10. Be Be 🎱.

    Congrats!! Wow!

  11. Chris Castleman

    Killing it! Congrats!

  12. drew smith

    holy poop!

  13. Kim G.

    Denoooooch! You are on fire!

  14. Chad Lau

    Amazing!!! Congrats Chris!

  15. Galen Burrell

    Sweet race! Congrats!

  16. One E.

    Great job on 1st place!!

  17. Yann Rictus

    You rule !!! Big Big Kudos !!!!

  18. Yann Rictus

    (Like your new profile pic also !)

  19. Guy D.

    Congrats with the victory!

  20. Nicole M.

    Dude, badassery!

  21. Ryan Kaiser

    Killed it

  22. Kasey Perry

    Forget the win. I'm just glad to see you made your weekly mileage goal. That's the real win right there.