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Umstead 100. 13th Overall.

  • 106.8mi
  • 8,143ft
  • 19:18:02
    Moving Time
  • 10:50/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 15,766


  1. Tommy Nunley

    Great job!

  2. Kayla Cansler

    Killed it! Congrats!

  3. Ken V.

    Great work Trevor! Congratulations!

  4. Sean Zion

    Hell yeah! Nice job

  5. Justin McLamb (@mjmclamb)

    Congrats!! You were looking great and moving steady all day. Good to see you out there

  6. Trevor Stewart

    You too, Justin

  7. Steve Englund

    Also, Miles 27-31... Say whaaaaaa?!?

  8. KMF Man (Endurancenation.us)

    Really can't wrap my head around this kind of Superman stuff! Just damn well done bro ! Rest.......

  9. Kristen C.

    Yea buddy!!!

  10. Brian O'Neill

    Impressive, brother. Well done. Also . . . really impressed with the battery life that captured the whole thing, lol.

  11. Jordan C.

    so....it will come out eventually but Royce definitely used your body glide in some...unmentionable places while you were out on lap 5. Just thought you should know...but hey, that didn't seem to slow you down at all. Super proud of you buddy! Time to go see Graham!

  12. Trevor Stewart

    Ha ha ha. A little extra Royce to go around ha ha ha ha ha Thanks, Jordy!! Yes. It IS!!

  13. Andrew H.


  14. Pawel Nazarewicz

    Did you label this as a "race"? Congrats!

  15. Trevor Stewart

    Thanks! Probably should

  16. Melanie Singer

    Wow! Way to go! So happy for you!

  17. Trevor Stewart

    Thanks, Melanie.

  18. Michael Boatright

    The pain cave awaits. Awesome run!

  19. Darren Thomas

    Way to #sufferbetter. Nice job!!