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Blasted wind, I should be laying out.

  • 42.2mi
  • 1,056ft
  • 2:15:04
    Moving Time


  1. James C.
    James C.

    Hi Alison, follower of yours here, just wanted to ask where you did the climb on your all time biggest climb on your stat sheet of 9,993 feet?

  2. James C.
    James C.

    I would like to give it a go!

  3. Anthony Jarrett

    James, if you click on it - it will lead to the segment for the climb. Unless that was your pick up line. Soz, cockblocked.

  4. Alison Tetrick

    Haha, who knows... BUT I believe it was Haleakala in Maui. The best climb ever, and I highly highly suggest. Just don't forget your $5 to get into the park at 8,000 feet!

  5. James C.
    James C.

    Anthony I wish... but in reality I'm old enough to be a grandpa of 3 and had the pleasure of being passed by Alison on Chileno Valley more than once in the flats and I was clicking along at 23 mph! Thanks Alison, it was a honor!