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05/12/2013 Woodlawn, MD - Patapsco 100 course, sort of (got lost a lot)

  • 33.3mi
  • 7,413ft
  • 4:05:59
    Moving Time
  • 2,499


  1. Jeff Dickey

    More photos from the ride and a video of our nearly neck-deep river crossing are here: http://www.scottrcmtb.blogspot.com/2013/05/pre-ride-of-patapsco-100.html Thankfully the river water wasn't too cold!

  2. Mike Joos

    it felt like 66 miles.

  3. Samurai Apocalypse

    Over 7,000 ft of climbing in 33 miles!?...damn

  4. Jeff Dickey

    Should be ~4,200-4,400 feet of gain. The GPS elevation correction was way off...

  5. Ed Dixon

    Great write-up on the PTap 100 course. I was laughing when I saw the video. You guys were only 200 yards from the actual crossing which was knee deep on Sunday. Ed Dixon (Ptap 100 course designer)

  6. Jeff Dickey

    Well, we had a great time fording the river! We couldn't make out the low water section that well with the water moving so quickly. The crossing should be great in July (and having a marked course - so many possible trail options made for a long day of reading maps, kind of like an orienteering/adventure race).