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GB Mountain Running Camp - Chevin hill reps 9/4/2016

  • 10.4mi
  • 3,497ft
  • 1:37:27
    Moving Time
  • 9:17/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,707


  1. Simon Franklin

    That's my territory! Hope you enjoyed it, Ben.

  2. Shane Ewen

    Twice up the Chevin is enough for me! Well done, top effort.

  3. Michael Malyon

    Hi mate hope your well. Brilliant training once again

  4. Jon Smith

    Love it on the Chevin, nice work Ben.

  5. Adam S.

    You get to go to all the glamorous places ! ;). If it's good enough for the Brownlees...

  6. Rob Furness

    Good run that pal. Similar to the session I do. Those steps are a bitch

  7. Marc Sennett

    Thank Christ you lot missed out the sneaky shitbag CR I created for myself on there! I'm assuming you blew every other one away between you!

  8. Gavin M.

    It's hardly track runnin

  9. Ben Mounsey

    Cheers lads! Had a great session on the Chevin! No insanely fast reps Marc - just strong consistent climbing