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Gorge Waterfalls 50k - 4:28 but Garmin lost signal before that. Don't buy a 920XT.

  • 21.5mi
  • 4,544ft
  • 2:41:56
    Moving Time
  • 10:28/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 2,988


  1. Ryan Niclasen

    Have you had trouble with the watch other than today. I have a 920xt and it has worked great for the two ultras that I have run.

  2. Luke Distelhorst

    Haven't had any issues with my 920 over the last year...

  3. Elaine Badejo

    Well done. Sorry but the loss of data.

  4. Ian Sharman

    Generally it's not very accurate and loses signal in many races I've run. The 910 was way more reliable and accurate.

  5. Ben Hartley

    Or just go with Suunto.

  6. Clinton C.

    My suunto locked up on my last race start, used my backup garmin 230 that rocked for 54 miles before battery died. My 920xt has also been perfect. Only my Garmin Fenix watches have failed me.

  7. Drew Dinan

    Nice run, Ian.

  8. Yann Rictus

    Big kudos on the race !!!

  9. Cotton B.

    On my second 920xt terrible at connecting with satellite. Takes forever.

  10. Kaci L.

    Great race, Ian! I was channeling you through Lake Sonoma...remembering when I had the honor of running and leading from you in 2014!

  11. David P.

    Love my Suunto Ambit 3, I've had nothing but excellent results.

  12. jason hynd

    Garmin 910xt. Solid! Looks like I won't be upgrading!

  13. Steven Kim

    You are simply amazing Ian! I nearly doubled your time...haha