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Long Beach, California
  • 78
    Activities in 2018
  • 3,391.2
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 41

The Mulholland Double Century

Ride April 10, 2016
  • 195.1mi
  • 17,943ft
  • 12:46:17
    Moving Time
  • 8,618
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  1. John B.
    John B.

    Dang Bro that's an INCREDIBLE Ride!!!!

  2. N D O
    N D O

    That saddle you loaned me was very interesting. lots of comfortable positions and no irritation. =)

  3. John B.
    John B.

    Glad it helped :-)

  4. Eric Poholsky
    Eric Poholsky

    Twelve hour double century ride comfortable is a stellar endorsement. What is the saddle?

  5. Tj K.
    Tj K.

    Great riding with you Doug!

  6. N D O
    N D O

    It's a Dash saddle . Not sure which model maybe Johnny can interject there and unlike the selle anatomica this thing is ultra light

  7. John B.
    John B.

    Doug you were riding the DASH "Strike" I also use there "Stage" model

  8. N D O
    N D O

    You too, it was an awesome day . feel bad for the guys that road in the rain on Saturday descending Deer Creek is bad enough when it's dry

  9. John B.
    John B.

    I used to have EXTREME Numbness issues . Those saddle aren't cheap but they total fixed my problem so I won't ride anything else.

  10. N D O
    N D O

    Well if we're going down there. of the four boogers I've got I only found one and did not find it again for the rest of the ride. Can't wait to get cut. They'll be gone on Wednesday. 10 days should be enough recovery time before BWR 8)

  11. Loren S.
    Loren S.

    Great double Doug! I think I could hang with you guys on a century but you rock it on the doubles!

  12. Kam P.
    Kam P.

    Excellent riding Doug!!!

  13. N D O
    N D O

    Thanks Kam. Loren you were ahead of us, not sure where we passed but you were riding strong. I think someone said you were waiting for a friend.

  14. Loren S.
    Loren S.

    Yeah instead of riding solo I had some friends keep me company, meet up after stunt and road till Westlake and the moorpark

  15. John B.
    John B.

    120 PRs WTF , were riding together at BWR. Or should I say I'm riding ur wheel during BWR

  16. N D O
    N D O

    Oh no no no you are MTB John you have to show me the correct lines


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