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The bumblebees are back in full force!

  • 16.1mi
  • 1,260ft
  • 47:47
    Moving Time
  • 707
  • 38
    Relative Effort


  1. Frank Y.

    I love that you're bookin' it up that beast for 2nd and Toone still has you by nearly a minute. You know, it almost is a bummer living in the same town as that guy.

  2. Chad Williamson

    solid work...i cherished my short time as a big momma KOM...then I got my butt handed to me twice in 1 week!

  3. Boris Simmonds

    Lol, yeah... I'm pretty sure I can get a 13+ mph for the climb w/less fatigue, but I'll have to wait until after TDT to give it a go. What really scares me is the 17+ mph average he has on Chapel rd... I've been too scared to give it a go since it is a solid 10-minute effort. Chad, I'll pull you up the hill w/my element if you want it permanently. Everyone wants Big Momma to themselves ;)