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05/18/2013 Japan, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

  • 40.6mi
  • 460ft
  • 2:05:08
    Moving Time
  • 1,269
  • 41
    Relative Effort


  1. Hans G.

    Craig, I'm going to be there in two weeks and curious if the riding is descent or pretty crazy. I know there are plenty of mountains to climb, but the cities must be a challenge.

  2. Craig Lewis

    Hans - stayed in the city today and you can manage. I hear the countryside is much better.

  3. Mark Van Horssen

    Good to see you got back into it Craig, hope the elbow doesn't give you any more trouble.

  4. Craig Lewis

    Thanks Mark

  5. Jason H.

    Wishing you much success at the race! Hope the elbow is fully recovered and your legs put the hurt to a lot of the peleton!

  6. Michael Carcaise

    You were flying on 堺浜周回. Good luck this week

  7. Craig Lewis

    Thanks Mike!

  8. Craig Lewis

    Deano - no problems this time but there are never any guarantees.

  9. Craig Lewis

    Thanks Jason, hope so as well.

  10. Strava A.

    Show um how we Coloradoans roll Craig. Nice work on the KOM