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will you marry me?

  • 9.5mi
  • 1,740ft
  • 1:26:36
    Moving Time
  • 9:04/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,866


  1. Janie L.
    Janie L.


  2. Cj V.
    CJ Vaughn

    Ahhhh congratulations!!!!!!

  3. Paul B.
    Paul Braa

    So awesome, cheers you two!

  4. Michelle M.
    Michelle M.


  5. Michael H.
    Michael H.


  6. Charlie H.
    Charlie Holder

    Saw this on the Strava blog. Great idea. Congratulations to you both!

  7. Ben R.
    Ben Ralphs


  8. Cesar C.
    Cesar Celis

    great photo! Congrats!

  9. Leo U.
    Leo Ufimtsev Bateman's Bike CO


  10. Luiz Felipe A.
  11. Neil M.
    Neil M.


  12. Patrícia C.
    Patrícia Carlin

    Well done! Awesome ❤

  13. Willian Cristiano W.
    Willian Cristiano WCL

    Very nice ! Congratulations

  14. Amandine M.
    Amandine meloww

    Bravo de France :)

  15. Mark A.
    Mark A.

    Congratulations !!!

  16. Paul J.
    Paul Jaffa

    Congratulation from Wales , U.K.

  17. Christopher D.
    Christopher Devine

    Congrats! From Northern Ireland :-)

  18. Jorge L.
    Jorge L.

    Congrats from Portland, OR.

  19. Stephanie B.
    Stephanie Brunnemann

    Looks like you and my now-fiancé had something in common this year! https://www.strava.com/activities/756041569

  20. Keith 'Buzz' H.
    Keith 'Buzz' Hong

    Here's the gift that keeps giving - When you both pop into Sydney, Australia, I will give you both a personalise (running) tour!!

    Welcome to the club!!

  21. Greig M.
    Greig Millar

    Congrats from Trinidad!

  22. Chris M.
    Chris M.

    Congrats from France ???????? !

  23. Nelson P.
    Nelson P.

    Wow !! Well Done Guys !!! Congrats !!!

  24. True Eeriness ☕ J.
    true eeriness ☕ jazz mile

    you made it in strava's year in review blog (best moments)!

  25. Phil W.
    Phil W.

    Congratulations to you both.

  26. Yavor L.
    Yavor L


  27. Maggie C.
    Maggie Chickey


  28. Christophe C.
    Christophe C.

    Congrats from Paris! Really nice idea :)

  29. Eli H.
    Eli Hanisian


  30. Toby J.
    Toby Jones

    That is epic, absolutely epic mate

  31. Nasos B.
    Nasos B.

    You guys gave my wife and I the chills when we read it. Congrats!!!

  32. Gayle A.
    Gayle A.

    Congrats from Athens (Georgia)!

  33. Ryan A.
    Ryan Abel

    congrats from Kentucky

  34. Reggie P.
    Reggie Peters

    Congratulations from Los Angeles

  35. Hafidz A.
    Hafidz A.

    Congrats from Jakarta !

  36. Paul H.
    Paul H.


  37. Kyro B.
    Kyro Brown

    Congratulations from The Bahamas.!

  38. Vitalijus A.
    Vitalijus Andriukaitis

    Respects from Lithuania! ♡