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London Marathon - great experience!

  • 26.2mi
  • 2:49:02
    Moving Time
  • 6:27/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 0


  1. Darrell Hastie

    Great run Craig, nice level pace. Think I spotted you on the telly at the start. Did you have the Moorfoot vest on?

  2. Jonathan Peebles

    As I've said a few times today that was a tremendous run from you. So consistent and strong throughout. Look at the first mile split when we were in traffic grrrr! Thanks for the company and for dragging me round 18 miles. Bittersweet I know but an outstanding run well done.

  3. Craig Rendle

    Cheers Darrell, aye Moorfoot vest. Aye that 1st mile Jonny!... Thinks we ran an extra half mile dodging traffic to almost keep pace! Great running too mate and well done on the PB!

  4. Magnus Skea

    Well done, great pace!

  5. Mark M.

    Craig well done mate

  6. Craig Rendle

    Magnus/Mark- thanks boys.... U have to try to run London at some point if you've not already.

  7. Sarah Glendinning

    Well done Potter - absolutely amazing!! Hope you enjoyed it. You even got on the telly!! Lol

  8. Craig Rendle

    Cheers Sarah. Aye it was superb. You should get in the ballot for next year.... You'd love it ;-)

  9. Sarah Glendinning

    Yeah definitely going to try and get in anyway. Next Monday the ballot opens so I've got a reminder set on my phone

  10. Craig Rendle

    Aw magic. Fingers x u get in ma dear.

  11. Rachel D.

    Massive well done for yesterday - amazeballs time and well paced! Hope the beers went down well :-)

  12. Craig Rendle

    Cheers Rach and well done to u as well. Nae pints but ma hot choc an mint aero was the muts nuts haha! ;-)

  13. Rachel D.

    No alcohol?!?!? O_o

  14. Craig Rendle

    Couldnae face it hen, plus poor Katie decided she wasnae walkin or standin any longer! Poor soul has been dragged roond London the past 4 days :-)

  15. Colin W.


  16. Andrew Cox

    Mile reps the morn?

  17. Emma M.

    Well done Craig! We were amazed tracking you :)

  18. Craig Rendle

    Al keep u company on the bike Coxy!! Thanks Emma.... you've got to try for an entry (Neil too?!), amazing experience.

  19. Emma M.

    I'm going to try the ballot again - Neil says never!

  20. Craig Rendle

    Good luck. Hope u get in :-)

  21. Sam A.

    Well bone mate cracking time - deserved hard work put in

  22. Craig Rendle

    Cheers Sam

  23. Wayne Mcintosh

    Well done Craig,what a superb well paced race you ran

  24. Craig Rendle

    Cheers Wayne. Loved it! Gona try get a good for age next year and give it another bash :-)