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Friday Evening Commute

Ride April 29, 2016
  • 876.8km
  • 7,151m
  • 37:09:00
    Moving Time
  • 18,139
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  1. Garry Armsworth

    Seriously? That's a hell of a ride.

  2. Gary D.

    That's insane ;) well done.

  3. Ross Bowles

    Congrat Luke !

  4. Michael Hall

    Truly amazing.....

  5. Meredith Quinlan

    your CRAZY luke!!

  6. Meredith Quinlan

    only 6000 elevation, it was flat afterall!

  7. Admin C.

    Terrific stuff Luke, with not much down time. Rest up and see you on the OTP tomoz.

  8. Angela Anchugov

    Woah this is crazy!! Did you not sleep at all?

  9. Bhanu L

    OMG Amazing ride :)

  10. Raoul Apelbaum

    Are you commuting to CA??????

  11. Matthew T.

    Ok looks like I'm going to have to stop uploading my commutes on Strava... Or start eating more apple turnovers with cream. Truly heroic stuff, this.

  12. Happy Luke

    Thanks guys :) Somehow Norman got 8 more kilometres than me... I'll be forever less of a rider according to Strava ;p

  13. Mark L.

    great effort mate

  14. Katherine Bryant

    Wow! I'm blown away!

  15. Laurie T


  16. Happy Luke

    ^ best comment

  17. Derek Bogaert


  18. Warren Page

    A little longer than the normal commute!!