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Official 2013 Patapsco 100 Race Course

  • 32.4mi
  • 6,245ft
  • 3:42:17
    Moving Time
  • 3,213


  1. Greg S.
    Greg S.

    Awesome! You were cruising.

  2. J G.
    J G.

    I saw your tracks early this morning, I figured you were out early cause they looked real fresh!

  3. Ed Dixon

    In case you did not know Fatbikes float in the Patapsco River. I almost lost it twice.

  4. J G.
    J G.

    haha, sounds sketchy.

  5. Callen Riggins

    River low enough to cross now?

  6. Ed Dixon

    Mid thigh on both crossings but the water temp was good.

  7. Dirt Escalator *

    I am new to Patapsco but want to practice before next trail work day (where I would presumably learn the course) - Any hints on navigating the trail?

  8. Tony Papandrea

    Thanks for posting this Ed. I am looking forward to pre riding the finished loop.

  9. Stu Rose

    I'm confused about the Cedar Branch - Rt. 40 segment - there's a big fat sign saying Trail Closed. Did I miss something?

  10. A. di Michele

    any chance for a pre-ride? i'd like to do a lap but assuming only locals would know where to go (and probably nothing marked yet)

  11. Ed Dixon

    Stu Rose, There are two "Trail Closed" signs. It depends on which one you are talking about. There is one that is 1 mile from Rt. 40, if your talking about that one the new trail is on the left before the sign, it's hard to miss. If your talking about the one a few feet from Rt. 40, its temporarily closed because of the construction under the bridge. It will be open for the race. For now most are just ride over the bridge and taking Rt. 40 to get into Hollofield Area.

  12. Ed Dixon

    A. di Michele, I am trying to get a pre-ride scheduled for fathers day. I'm trying to get 3 ride leaders so we can accommodate a variety of paces.

  13. A. di Michele

    thanks Ed! i just joined the Patapsco group on Facebook. i'll keep tabs on the updates. might work out.

  14. Ken L.
    Ken L.

    AFC/OLV/MORE course pre-ride June 22 details here: http://www.more-mtb.org/forum/showthread.php?t=25857