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MAF test week 2 of 16

  • 8.0mi
  • 1:01:26
    Moving Time
  • 7:40/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,078


  1. Ryan Johnson

    Are you going all out again with diet and mileage?

  2. lee hemmings

    A bit long for a maf test ?

  3. Floris Gierman

    Hi Ryan, definitely watching what I eat and drink. Not going all out with mileage, probably only 40-45 miles / week max. What about you, any mileage / race plans on your horizon?

  4. Floris Gierman

    @Lee, I always warm up for 2 miles, then mile 3-7 is 5 miles at Max Aerobic HR, then 1 mile cool down. How are your MAF tests going? Cheers

  5. lee hemmings

    Well am pretty much vegan now, just need to remove fish from diet. I said to my gf that since turning vegan am running faster for effort. I need to do another MAF test soon. Diet is key to everything I have noticed. I'd like to see if you get your MAF down to 6.45 per mile again, and me respectively...

  6. Chandra Farnham

    mmmmm this reminds me.... PS good work!

  7. Floris Gierman

    Right on Lee. Yes we should both get our MAF pace down! :) Main thing I've noticed in the past is to be patient, big improvements don't happen overnight. That being said, with consistent training and right nutrition, a lot of progress can be made in the coming months. Have a good one! Cheers

  8. Floris Gierman

    Get on it Chandra!! Have you and Kevin done a maf test before? https://philmaffetone.com/maf-test

  9. Chandra Farnham

    Yes we both have. We just haven't done one since LAM training days.

  10. Sandeep Krishna

    Awesome! Good to see you back upping your mileage..

  11. Floris Gierman

    @Chandra, nice! You guys should do another one, pretty eye opening how fast you lose fitness vs peak training weeks

  12. Floris Gierman

    Cheers Sandeep, have a good one!

  13. Paul Myers