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Transvulcania 2016 RACE!

Run May 7, 2016
  • 45.6mi
  • 14,740ft
  • 7:08:04
    Moving Time
  • 9:23/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 7,684
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  1. Paul Glasheen

    Amazing! Those splits are incredible!

  2. Randy Y.


  3. Tiest van Gool

    Great run - result is still impressive! Ascend awesome, descent nuts!!!

  4. Patrick Talmadge


  5. Nigel Robbins

    Awesome run Sage.

  6. Sol Schwarz

    Congrats to you, Sage, on your 3rd place! Supreme effort!

  7. Reade Whitney

    Mile 42 could've been quicker LOL. WAY TO BE

  8. Ubai Jamil

    Congrats sage. You lead the first 5O!

  9. Way to GO! 👀

    Yeah! inspiring on so many levels! Now about those Speedgoat flip flops after a race like that would be more than welcoming :)

  10. Katherine L


  11. Brian Kennicott

    So proud of you Coach Sage. :)

  12. Vladimir D.

    nice cruise control

  13. Andrew Hough

    Great race mate. Incredible effort

  14. James Goldstein

    This is insane!

  15. Jarrett D.

    You're a beast, great job!

  16. Kevin P.

    Awesome! Congrats!

  17. H Ashley

    Awesome job man! Congrats!

  18. Ameya Patil

    Great... Congrats

  19. Chuck Yockum Ⓥ

    Awesome job on the podium Sage!

  20. Pavan Mirji

    Whoa! Congratulations!!

  21. Justin Wolf

    Great job, congrats

  22. Marco B.

    Excellent job Sage, be proud of yourself, not only for this third position but also for all the help you share with the community! Congratulations !!

  23. Slouch R.

    congrats sage

  24. Ben U.

    Congrats! Lots of CRs.

  25. David Hedenfalk

    What a race! Congrats on a superb performance!

  26. Nick Verschoor

    Incredible Sage. Congratulations

  27. Thomas Loe

    Well done Sage, your awesome! Watching your videos helped me in so many ways. Keep up with the good work :)

  28. Arne Heirbaut

    Huge effort! Congrats on your race!

  29. Stanislav Grabchev Ⓥ

    Абе баце :О

  30. Gonzalo G.

    Gran carrera!!!!!haceis grande la carrera con corredores como tú!!!

  31. Paolo Ravetta

    Congrats Sage !!!!! well done

  32. Manuel Engler

    Sage: you are a RUNNING MACHINE!
    Your running form at the end in Los Llanos was much better than Hernando´s. :-)

  33. Charlie Drummond

    Can't wait to see what workouts you cook up to harden the quads for hammering the descents. I'm looking forward to footage from the race - congrats.

  34. Andrew Vargo

    Nicely done man! P.s., I gave your stuff to Chris and Alicia. If you need any of it soon let me know and I will get it to you in CO somehow.

  35. Mustabur Rahman

    Well done Coach Sage. Looking forward to the race report.

  36. Sage Canaday

    hey thanks so much for your help Andrew! Will do! The stuff isn't super important so if they don't have room for it in their luggage they don't have to worry about returning it as I can get more bottles.

  37. Sage Canaday

    Thank for all your support everyone!

  38. Francis Garnier

    BRAVO !!!! ;-)

  39. Rory Burke

    Amazing job Sage!

  40. Paul Cook

    Well done Sage.

  41. Alexander Zatirka

    Congratulations, Sage!

  42. Assaf Noam Ⓥ

    The last mile was beautiful, high fived the crowd, what a great spirit!

  43. Julien G.

    Good job ! But Nico Martin is a good mountain runner too.

  44. David P.

    Machineeee!!!! Congrats!!!

  45. Morne Oosthuizen

    Well Done Sage...Close one.... yiou will get better and better keep up the passion

  46. Paul Saunders

    Incredible podium again Sage. Looking forward to the post-mortem with Vargo on Ginger Runner!

  47. Mattias Vanderstraeten

    WoW respect!

  48. Daniel Baluyot

    Look at all those segment cups! Well done Sage!

  49. Leo NP

    Well done Sage!!