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Dave Tracey (Deets)

Macclesfield, England, United Kingdom
  • 121
  • 3,163.3
    miles Ridden
  • 61

Close, but no cigar...

Ride May 8, 2016
  • 110.9mi
  • 13,255ft
  • 7:19:28
    Moving Time
  • 6,541
  • 815
    Relative Effort
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  1. Louise Martin

    Wow well done you x

  2. Nifty 55

    Did you get sunburn?

  3. Nifty 55

    Looks like it was tough heading east? Into a headwind?

  4. Dave Tracey (Deets)

    It was all going well Kev, on track for a sub 7 hour time and smashing out PR's etc. Until by 85 miles when my quads starting cramping like they've never done before - I'd gotten a bit dehydrated and was getting a bit of sun stroke and ended up having to push (!) up hard knot and wrynose as my leg kept spasming. I should be careful what I wish for with the weather... A bit frustrating as I would have got under 7 hours if I'd have been able to ride those passes as I usually do. Faster than last time though!

  5. Nifty 55

    I looked at your Hardknott and Wrynose times and I knew you'd walked a bit. Only 1 minute faster than my 'ride' up Hardknott that time but I just stopped 4 timeds to recover. Wrynose... I did ride most of it and only stopped once but it looks like you walked it all?. You must have been suffering and thinking 'why am I doing this?'.
    Your experience today is what I was thinking of before I decided not too ride it today... as I would have been even worse! I did think it might be a bit too warm as well and there would be some dehydration. Your PRs at the start are impressive so hi-five for those! Well done anyway :-)

  6. Nifty 55

    Just read it again and you did walk/push it Wrynose :-(

  7. Paul Beevers

    Good ride Dave. You certainly flew past me on Newlands and it was very hot with a relentless headwind.

  8. Dave Tracey (Deets)

    It was hotter than Tenerife last week Paul. I could really have done with an extra water stop, its probably not something they've ever had to provide in previous years though!

  9. Paul Beevers

    Yes that's what my mate Baz said. It was unusually hot. Reckon a lot of people will have thought the same thing.

  10. Duncan B.

    Well done fella .. Deffo looks like you where on for a fantastic time. Can't believe how warm it's been today ..

  11. Steve Hammonds

    Nice one Dave....

  12. Rick Longden

    Cramp! B*****d! Still an ace time that matey

  13. Graham S.

    Nice one dave