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ESSEX UBER TOUR and 9000km

  • 409.1km
  • 2,353m
  • 13:43:28
    Moving Time
  • 8,856
  • 383
    Suffer Score


  1. Matthew H.
    Matthew H

    That's incredible

  2. Breezey Boy. ( Breeze)  .
    Breezey Boy. ( Breeze) ( St Ives CC) :)

    Outstanding guys . Impressed well done

  3. Darren P.
    darren putt

    Extra kudos needed awesome

  4. Martin P.
    Martin Penney

    That is one epic distance, especially in the sun today.

  5. Robert C.
    Robert Couch

    Top job well done!

  6. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    Cheers folks....must try and remember I'm 41!

  7. Jon S.
    Jon S.

    @James that means we achieved it with a combined age of 82!

  8. Martin P.
    Martin Penney

    Well, think there were a couple of pros in TDF last year aged 42! Awesome effort guys!

  9. Martin P.
    Martin Penney

    Oops - 41. Forgot Jens Voigt 2014...

  10. Marty W.
    Marty W.


  11. Paolo F.
    Paolo Falkner

    Stunning,very well done.

  12. Brian (B) S.
    Brian (B) S.

    One Hell of a ride ! Nice one!

  13. Colin E.
  14. Bob J.
    Bob Jones

    Amazing ride, well done

  15. Sarah G.
    Sarah G.

    Great pace, guys, especially in the heat.

  16. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    reminded me of Oz Sarah.

  17. Mark R.
    Mark Roberts (Team Vision)

    @James - Unless I'm very much mistaken that second pic is where I set up to watch the TdF from. Extremely impressive ride. Big chapeau to you, sir.

  18. James (Hells) B.
    James (Hells) B.

    Was you there that day? I rode The course to Finchingfield that day.

  19. Mark R.
    Mark Roberts (Team Vision)

    @James - I did ride out there, but was getting stressed out with the crowds so eventually ended up riding over to the Blue Egg and watching on TV.

  20. Mark E.
    Mark Elsdon

    Are you sure the decimal point is in the right place? Impressive indeed!

  21. Kevin H.
    Kevin H.

    Not bad